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Mister Idiot: Timbergate and Passportgate debacles

Mister Idiot: Timbergate and Passportgate debacles

Rope for Al lie zera mot mot  – Mr. Idiot the most senseless and celebrated idiot has turned his stupidity on the ACC investigation concerning the Al-lie- zera aired program on the ‘Timbergate’ issue. As an idiot I find it nonsensical and a distortion of fact as to the press release issued by Al-liezera. As the idiot grows mad in his stupid stupor, he has looked critically to the speculative and calculative attempt by the international AL-Lie-zera media to influence the investigation concerning the concocted corrupt aired program labeled “Africa Investigate Corruption” which featured senior state alagba second in state affairs and other well meaningful citizens showing viewers of the propensity of being corrupt.

As the president of Idiots and the most idiotic of them all, I want to say the culture of fear especially when it comes to international media nose-poking  in state affairs shall not flourish or affect the proceedings of the investigation in this case. The idiot wants to inform his readership that as long as he sits as the president of idiots he will not sleep nor slumber over this intimidation of foreign media to flourish unchecked.

The idiot is not a disciple of politicians and shall vehemently oppose rogue and crooked politicians that seek pleasure in milking the country dry where the need arises. The idiot would like it readers to know that the symbol of hope and oneness of this country rest upon those who carried the mantle of state, as an idiot I am honour bound to consider these positions holier than the holy, so if bad mouthing and damaging elements are directed to these offices the idiot demands it to be highly substantiated not entrapment to extort  evidence.  The idiot does not take sides but rather follows natural human order which is conscience, this idiot will continue to stand firm and upright to articulate issues that touches the heart of citizens of this country.

Squirreling the Passportgate Issue – There is wholesome absurdity in naming the Abass Bundu passport deal saga the squirrelgate. In whatever sense it is, be it metaphorical or personification, there exists no symbiosis in terms of ideology or symbolism between humans and squirrels. Literally you can compare two dissimilar objects which share similar qualities or characters and I fail to see the attribute(s) in the squirrel that is/are similar to the personality of Dr. Abass Bundu. For example Dr. Bundu succeeded in naming our nationals with some Chinese names for which history will remember him so well. Names like Chin Chien Bundu, Chin Chong Bio, Huo Ji Tao Strasser, Jackie Chang Koroma, Zing Zong Kabba and the list goes on. On the other hand, he gave Chinese nationals our Sierra Leonean passports which they use as emblems of convenience. Abass Bundu and Co committed crimes in both ways and we want to see if the state is serious in handing them penal sentences that would serve as precedent to others who may want to muster the guts to do similar thing or same. One of the crimes they committed is constitutional fraud if they ever signed a decree that gives them the wherewithal to sell the country’s passport at arms’ length it is unconstitutional because such provisions are not made in the constitution of the republic of Sierra Leone; Mr. Idiot stands to be corrected here.

Second is that they committed name fraud by computing an Afro-Asia nomenclature and adopted them to be true Sierra Leonean names – names that would not even fit a fifth citizenship category.

Third they committed a transnational crime to willfully commit Sierra Leone into a trans-descent of China.

In this case Dr. Bundu shares qualities with Swinzy Banzy who changed his name maybe to squirrel, pretending to be dead in order to live another life of affluence. Better still, Abass Bundu and his two former junta bosses should be honoured with names and special surname of – gate, for it to look like Bundu/Bio/Strasser–gates. This is because their regime succeeded in plundering the country’s resources to line their personal pockets. Their actions interprets that they are individuals with callous and selfish mindsets.

My judgement for them is that they should be made to face justice in their real names than names of squirrelgate.

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