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Mr Idiot: More About The Flip Flopper!

Mr Idiot: More About The Flip Flopper!

After a long and dead-sleep of the presidential idiot of idiocy, the idiot wants to tender apologies to his wider membership for not updating them with issues doing the rounds.

The idiot wants his readers know that he was caged in a monastery as do monks in penance: seeking divine intervention for us to be rewarded with the right leadership in his kingdom of idiots, nooooooo! I don’t mean you I meant us. When suddenly he was cut-short by a distress call of the chief of flip-floppers, singing songs of bad omens of his former boss now-cum-politician eying the highest seat of office, which is almost needless as many, believed in the kingdom of idiots, that nothing good can come out of the ‘NRC’ cabal.

Thank God for some of us in the idiotic kingdom the rhetoric’s and literature was handed to us as per first-hand experience. The argument by a senior member in the erstwhile unholy cabalist ‘Nation Rulers of Councilors’ is one clear for all to see. Who is this man that is warning people in the idiotic kingdom to be aware of the pranks and sheep-in-a-wolf-clothing syndrome when he himself is a victim needing a dosage of his therapy?

When contacting the debia (Spiritual Mouth-Piece) of the presidential idiot over the sage of the NRC details, this is how the wrath of the god message was handed; it is prophesied that the chief ‘body gad’ kweku mara is the ‘linchpin of pins’ in the palace coup cum-betrayal of his immediate and closest boss Val. According to the debia on that faithful leading to the dawn of the palace coup, the coup plotters have received a tip-off from the chairman agenda of antennary to dismiss certain senior officials for reason of undermining his leadership.  With this sense of cloud hanging, the major coup players moved off through aircraft from ‘benguma’ military passing out ceremony, to assemble at the defense head quarter cockerel. After which the chairman was invited to the short meeting, little to the ploy of his plotters he was not allowed to enter with his armed guard except his personal pistol in what they called an in-house kaki meeting.

The outcome resulted to fighting as they attempted to snitch power, as many know the chairman of been a warrior and man of valor he fought his way through amongst senior officer. When he was put on gun point by his chief guard, after it proved that the mission was almost losing grip and it was an expected blood birth if the mission failed.

The idiot will give out some of the hard and fact figures of the prophecy, but will litter it to his readership in serialized editions.

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