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Dr Rev Reuben S Shyllon Escapes Death

Dr Rev Reuben S Shyllon Escapes Death

Amidst Firing at his residence Dr Rev Reuben S Shyllon escapes death at the hands of security forces.

Reports reaching this medium reveal that Dr Rev Reuben S Shyllon (in photo), former Chief Superintendent of Police (CSP) and a known member of the main opposition party APC, narrowly escaped death at the hands of security forces who stormed his residence on August 10th 2023, because he is part of the ex-police and ex-military who are serving in the security committee of the All People’s Congress Party.

According to residents in the vicinity of his Hamilton home in the Western Peninsula of Freetown Sierra Leone, a team of military and armed police officers stormed the area, early on the 10th of August 2023, firing live bullets and causing panic among residents. They furthered, that the said armed officers then broke into the residence of Dr Rev Reuben S Shyllon, and they heard cries for help from his daughters and occupants of the house, but no one ventured out of their home to help the vulnerable family because of the presence of the heavily armed officers and the menacing posture they took in the immediate vicinity of the house.

It was revealed that after the soldiers left, residents then went into the compound of Dr Rev Reuben S Shyllon and discovered that the entire house had been vandalized and occupants, including the daughters of the Reverend, were mercilessly beaten.

Upon inquiry about the whereabouts of the Reverend, it was disclosed that he had escaped during the initial firing in the area and has not been seen. It was this information that had angered the officers that resulted in the beating of the occupants of the house and the vandalism that followed. 

One close family friend, who spoke to this medium on the basis of anonymity, said that this entire search and targeting of Rev. Shyllon began after the election of June 24th, 2023. He disclosed that Reverend, an ex-police officer, was one of the men appointed by the main opposition party APC to serve as polling agent in Hamilton, and after the election, on the 25th June 2023, He was among those attacked at the party’s headquarters, where security forces fired live bullets, killing a 60 years old innocent nurse, matron Hawantu and 27 years old Youth Whiter in the said office, which was full with journalists, both local and international, as well as local and international observers, who were listening to the main opposition party’s Leader and Presidential candidate Dr Samura M W Kamara, explaining their findings and their position.

Since that day, our source furthered, the ruling SLPP party youths and armed security officers have continually raided the area, often firing live bullets and tear gas at people. 

It was therefore not surprising when they heard that security forces were raiding homes of known supporters of the APC, who were former security people on allegations of supporting the APC and Dr Rev Reuben S Shyllon would be a target. 

It could be recalled that in connection with the allegations of supporting the APC, to them being an APC opposition is a crime, there is no evidence of him being involved into violence, neither the government to substantiate their claim, but there has been widespread arrest of known ex-police and ex-military officers, especially in the Northwestern area. Some have simply disappeared after their arrest and refused access to their lawyers. Some serving military and police officers have been arrested, and others declared wanted by the police. 

As we go to press, the whereabouts of Dr Rev Reuben S Shyllon is unknown, and his life is feared to be under threat if he is not already dead.

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