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About Us

Sierra Express Media was established in September 2007 – reporting with objectivity, fairness, and accuracy, our aim was to engage the Sierra Leonean community at home and abroad, in news, current events, entertainment, and sport, etc.

This proved to be so popular that in November 2007, it was decided to publish Sierra Express Media newspaper in Freetown, in conjunction with the website, for the citizens of the country of Sierra Leone who do not have access to the Internet.

Sierra Express Media worked hard to build up the website and newspaper and now has a full complement of staff and correspondents worldwide.


Sierra Express Media is an independent newspaper published in Sierra Leone and online, a media source that does not belong to any religion, tribe, political, social, cultural group, or society; a newspaper that is truly independent, and aiming to abide constitutional laws; its aim is to report objectively, fairly, and accurately;
aims to create a better understanding between Sierra Leoneans and citizens of the world and believes that a mutual understanding fosters friendship, harmony, peace and unity;
supports basic human rights and upholds the dignity and integrity of all human beings, values that are above religion, politics, and tribe;
believes in universal brother/sisterhood and seeks to promote a close friendly relationship amongst Sierra Leoneans at home and in the Diaspora, and citizens of the world;
seeks to help preserve and promote the precious Sierra Leonean culture, heritage and values, and it seeks to uphold the pride and prestige of Sierra Leone, and West Africa as a whole.
Sierra Leone is a beautiful mosaic of different tribes, backgrounds, and religions. All Sierra Leoneans should be proud and believe in the motto of our country: unity, freedom, and justice. Amidst all its diversity there is a unique unity that we aim to upload and preserve for the land that we love, Sierra Leone.

Sierra Express Team

  • Adeyemi Paul, CEO/Editor in Chief


  • Abdul Kuyateh, Managing Editor
  • Emmanuel M. Kamara, Chief Reporter


  • Joseph F. Kanu
  • Basiru Bah
  • Fatmata Sesay
  • Alpha Paul Kamara
  • Allieu Jawara, Eastern Region Correspondent
  • Ramatulai Barrie, Secretary
  • Mohamed Kabia, Production