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Mister Idiot and the IG

Mister Idiot and the IG

I had a premonition that the current IG is becoming too concentrated to sieve his sacred duties of policing the state. The idiot understands that this fine police was quite a solid person when he was in charge of operations but suddenly becomes a chameleon soon as he became the country’s IG. He now has just one eye instead of two and that eye being the one to see only the plights of his so called investors. The IG is even more patriotic that the FBIs and the constitution of the land. This no doubt spears him not tight robes to seal a conundrum of selfishness to batter the image of community policing as he has started abridging the follies of who must arrest based on suspicion and who must not, even at a precarious stage when the criminal are at bay with the law.

Mister Idiot has no much idea, but thinks if the morale boosting of the police is being slopped down by no less a person than the IG of police, it is a rough signal that he has build a slide slope for the rule of the law. By his actions, it means people who now take suspects to the police on suspicion of having exhibits of crimes are themselves criminals. Who would stand that insult all the way? This takes the idiot’s reflection to the issue of the poor soldier who the IG ordered to be detained unlawfully for three days for simply saying the police should check the vehicle of a suspected German with vehicle number AGH 853 accused to be carrying cocaine and diamonds goods said to be contraband. It a new twist to see a man who parade himself as the first gentle man of the SLP force taking sides with foreign nationals over his countrymen and especially a state official. Lest I forget, the Mumu IG decides to put on his dumb cloth because he is on the pay role of those who fish on the high seas of unholy crime. The idiot is not surprised that such decision is coming out of a man who is on records to have orchestrated miscalculated actions. He was the leak to have qualified the classify report of the quantum, and two units of Arms bought under secrecy by his bosses. The Idiot knows too well that the IG likes to act only to be in the good books of those who line his pockets with corrupt and ill-gotten monies. The Idiot is pleased to tell his brother in idiocy that such gross neglect and misconduct by a Mumu IG will not grow cold; the Idiot will not stop to pursue this matter not until justice is done to that poor helpless man whose right was flagrantly stampeded upon.

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