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Mister Idiot: The Nemesis of an Incarcerated Idiot

Mister Idiot: The Nemesis of an Incarcerated Idiot

Folks were very worried these days over the state of being of their darling idiot; much as they thought he was twisted in the marathon race where Sorie Srna left bold imprint emerging as the world’s record title sprinter.

It was a bad thought; but maybe I owe explanations to my category of readers. Mr. Idiot doesn’t come often as expected nowadays because he is tied into so many commitments.

Sometimes little children would ask me to say little folk tales since I’m good at fiction. But in truth, my sense of humour is versatile much as I based my idiotic thoughts on this column on satire –where I’m incarcerated at the moment.

Some people come to ask for some pieces of eavesdrops, I told them I was not ready for the show and some ask what about little gossips, I said I don’t have time for gossips. The little gossip the idiot knows is not enough to take him beyond Waterloo.

Anyway as I was coming to the city centre from the outskirts of Waterloo I envisaged some tale of gossips. It was all about Sorie Srna’s fame in the sprint marathon. I thought of so many Sories much as I know. I knew one amateur road racer who once attempted the grumpy in test case for the all African games. By the way, he came all the way from the United Kingdom (UK).

I asked a little why should Sorie Srna be in for the all African games, when it is Olympic year in England? Behold, the race he ever contested was from the law court building to Hill Station from where he vamoosed on thin air to the nearest Liberian border. This is such the man I met his name on the song notes –being the world’s record title holder.

He would’ve calculated his speed velocity on the margins of fear speed –running out of jurisdiction over a writ of criminal summons.

But again Africans have a tradition of not accepting realities, some people began to pull him down that his world record is little recognized and that he took the wrong path lanes – even though the lane inspectors caught him on cameras and never discredited him.

Anyway Sorie Srna has got another proposal to surface in person in September for another edition of sprint race and acrobatics. I hold my piece, but I think nobody should pull Sorie down. He’s such a marvelous fine art.

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