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With all due respect to our new honorable ministers to- be and who will be appointed into various ministries, this short comment may not directly be referred to

Many Sierra Leoneans are waiting on the side lines to hear the good news from the Bio led administration. The good news here is about bread and butter

Our country, Sierra Leone is becoming something else in terms of politics and political affiliations. Our political loyalties have now become an endemic disease that largely determines our

Every blessed day, one or two Football officials in the country could be heard expressing negative sentiment against the first and only Sierra Leone Football Association (SLFA) female

What is happening in the Sierra Leone Football Association (SLFA) when almost all football stakeholders are fighting to remove President Isha Johansen and her executive from power? Isha Johansson

Year in, year out, the Audit Service Sierra Leone, under the impeccable leadership of Madam Taylor Pearce performs it constitutional mandate in auditing various institutions dealing with public

The biggest puzzle that still needs to be answered by our leaders is the ever inevitable question of our poor health system in the country. It is a

It is no longer a secret that the Wellington-Masiaka toll road is very unpopular as many well-meaning Sierra Leoneans have categorically condemned it. The toll road, we believe,

Every month, thousands of workers across the country have their salaries deducted in the name of paying a National Social Security and Insurance Trust (NASSIT) in a bid

In Sierra Leone, two general elections have been contested in ten years, a situation that is not good for our budding democracy. In 2007, the SLPP cried foul

Armed robbery now seems to have become the order of the day in Sierra Leone and what has made us more worried is the daring manner in which

We took off from darkness in Freetown while I was sitting near Alhaji Momodu Koroma in the Kenya Airways flight bound for Nairobi via Accra. From the air, it

This country is endowed with talented Sierra Leoneans who have the possibility of showcasing Sierra Leone to the outside world but it is a pity to learn that

Both 2014 and 2015 would not be forgotten in haste by Sierra Leoneans and nationals of neighbouring Guinea and Liberia who were hard hit by the outbreak of

During the nationalist movement in Africa, the freedom fighters against colonial rule focused attention on the welfare of their respective communities irrespective of the tribe they came from. Nationalism

No one can deny the fact that “there is a tide in the affairs of men, which taken at the floods, leads on to fortune” and that “such

The truth about our beloved country is that positive changes are taking place that should give us solace. These intangible changes may be hard to fathom by many

No one can deny the fact that, “There is a tide in the affairs of men, which taken at the floods, leads on the fortune” and that “such

Ebola, a deadly virus disease has come, killed and is now on its way out. Were there any lessons learnt from this scourge? Of course the lessons learnt, some

Now and again something happens. It might be a hair breath escape or a glorious adventure but whatever it is, it brings a ray of hope. The recent happenings

Illegal admission of failed pupils and students in schools and colleges is one of the major factors responsible for the dramatic fall in our educational standards and the

Sierra Leone is now suffering from two troubles with one God, the Ebola Epidemic and the rain floods which have wrecked havoc in the country’s capital city, Freetown

The Sierra Leone Government and relief agencies must be vigilant to prevent the flood victims’ relief package from ending up in the wrong hands as we have started

Now that the bye-elections are fast approaching, we are calling on all political parties to behave in a civilized fashion and allow the elections to be transparent and

Long before the passing of the historic anti-Sumana verdict, we were expecting such a verdict considering the high level of dependence of our judiciary and the considering the

We are earnestly pleading with the Government of Sierra Leone to reduce the proposed price of our national passport in the interest of the masses that voted it

The Industrial Court recently ordered the Sierra Leone Ports Authority (SLPA) to pay the sum of two billion Leones to 180 redundant workers. The court reached the historic

It is no longer a secret that this country is suffering from a high rate of lawlessness; little wonder our correctional centers are overflowing with outlaws. Lawlessness has

In this modern technological world, fuel is the blood of every country; just as a human being cannot live without blood, a country cannot survive without fuel. Therefore,

Apparently, the Government of Sierra Leone has lost the war against street trading, otherwise, Abacha Street, would not have been overflowing with traders who have transformed the main

Most of our accidents are not accidents; they are a deliberate result of over speeding and other forms of recklessness on the highways. We are today witnessing a

We are now living in a very dangerous country where anybody can stab anybody anytime and anywhere. The rate at which people are now stabbing people is becoming

Sierra Leone is globally renowned for her diamond riches but over the years, our diamond industry has declined sharply as confirmed by many diamond dealers interviewed by this

Since Sierra Leone gained independence in 1961, the country is still struggling to have the basic social amenities such as good roads, constant electricity, adequate pipe-borne water supply,

Our Judiciary is in dire need of more manpower to deal with the flood of cases some of which have spent years in our courts. The country is,

The state of health emergency seems to have outlived its usefulness now that the whole country has only two Ebola patients; fearing a resurgence of the deadly epidemic

There has been a long standing good diplomatic relationship between the Republic of Sierra Leone and the Republic of Guinea but recent events in the border town of

In Sierra Leone, most of our laws exist in theory, not in practice; we are inclined to disobey the very laws we enact. Since the government of this

The procurement of our hundred new buses has pried open a Pandora box; shocking revelations keep coming. But we are more concerned about the fact that the Transport

Just after winning the 2012 controversial presidential election, President Korma while addressing this nation stated that he will lay his life for the youths. Impliedly, the president was

The failure of our Transport Minister to disclose the unit cost of our 100 new buses has aroused the suspicion of many Sierra Leoneans that the minister is

Now that it has come out crystal clear that our parliamentarians were marginalized in the procurement of our 100 new buses, this press is slowly being convinced that

The Sierra Leone Parliament has described as illegitimate the loan agreement for the purchase of our controversial hundred new buses as it was never approved by the law-making

We have been reliably informed that the House of Parliament has summoned the Minister of Transport and Aviation, Leonard Balogun Koroma, to clarify the much-criticized procurement process of

There is the saying that silence means consent, so, the ruling Ernest Bai Koroma-led All Peoples Congress (APC) government must not keep sealed lips over the Chairman and

In Sierra Leone today, anybody who dares to tamper with funds meant for victims of the dreaded Ebola killer virus does not deserve mercy; such ravenous and heartless

We have observed with dismay that many government buildings have gone without renovation for several years and have consequently become eyesores. One such building is the Magistrate Court no.

It is an incontrovertible fact that Sierra Leone is a notoriously poor country that has been occupying the bottom of the UN development index for sacral years apart

Many citizens of Sierra Leone are in dire need of shelter as evident in the fact the many sleep on the streets and in the markets where they

The deadly Ebola epidemic in Sierra Leone has been adversely affecting almost all sectors, with the entertainment industry being no exception. In fact, the entertainment industry is one