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Folks were very worried these days over the state of being of their darling idiot; much as they thought he was twisted in the marathon race where Sorie

I had a premonition that the current IG is becoming too concentrated to sieve his sacred duties of policing the state. The idiot understands that this fine police

Hahahahaha! It is quite interesting to know that the most celebrated, unceremonious, senseless lunatic Idiot, has discovered a state official that is mathematically square in senseless and stupid

As an idiot I’m tongue tied and could not say much about what the Pinkin Magai Don Crays Party has become. Two factions all battling for legitimacy are

Rope for Al lie zera mot mot  - Mr. Idiot the most senseless and celebrated idiot has turned his stupidity on the ACC investigation concerning the Al-lie- zera