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The Independent Media Commission (IMC) second edition of ‘Media Watch e-bulletin’ published October 3rd defines the journalistic characters of 10 newspapers in Freetown. The research looked at the various

A team of United Nations African Mission in Darfur (UNAMID) from the Joint Support and Coordination Mechanism based in Addis Ababa on Friday 19th August paid a condolence

As the ember of the flames from the land of the British; from where we sucked the milk of hypocrisy, fades into ashes, it is imperative that we

A soldier of 17 years service, Tuesday 19th faced dismissal owing to assertions that he jubilated with SLPP supporters shortly after High Court’s submission of judgement in the

Sequel to the arresting and imprisonment of hundreds of commercial ‘Okada’ riders for assertions of violations of traffic offences, the President of Multi-Religious Council for Peace and Justice,

The Director of Foundation for Democratic Initiative and Development (FDID), Hindowa Saidu, in commemorating International Youth Day Friday 12th compelled government, NGO’s and the newly established Youth Commission

What?  Could this be true indeed that a soldier was recently dismissed on account of allegation that he was found jubilating SLPP’s high court ruling? Well, the Idiot was

Artists United For Children and Youth Development (AUCAYD) in war-torn Sierra Leone has formed its own label, AUCAYD Records, and released its debut album, Give Some Little Love,

In an effort to ensure Sierra Leone gain access to European Markets for its fish and fisheries products, Government has engaged the service of PRECON, a Dutch Company,