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After a long and dead-sleep of the presidential idiot of idiocy, the idiot wants to tender apologies to his wider membership for not updating them with issues doing

When the idiot turns his senseless nose poking to issues of public concern, uncle corruption Josie the dreamer sensed he was trapped in the wedge of a love

Rope for Al lie zera mot mot  - Mr. Idiot the most senseless and celebrated idiot has turned his stupidity on the ACC investigation concerning the Al-lie- zera

I am back with good reasons you will smile about. Won’t you guess why Musa Tarawally is growing mouthy of late? I went to find out why he

Is it true that these self professed statesmen are having dirty records with state resources? Could it be true that Captain Valentine, Bio and Abass Bundu, ex head

He asked us to be friends; I honoured the invitation so hurriedly. Hi idiot, I shouted to myself. Why can’t you be friends with Palo, at least he

Return to truth - We are now in an election year and this is a period of great challenge on our burgeoning democracy. Sierra Leone is under a

The Minister of Internal Affairs, Musa Taraseed Tarawally is feeding his petty sense of late carrying out a none violence campaign in the midst of thick records he

The Man from Moyamba - Musa Tarawally is moving out of his orbit and this will inevitably lead to a serious crash but it seems the PMDC turned