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August 2022

High Court Judge, presiding over cases at the Sexual Offences Model Court in Freetown, Honourable Justice Manuela A. J. Harding, on 29th July 2022, imprisoned 29-year-old Technician, Umar Bai Kamara, to life after being found

The Parliament of Sierra Leone on Wednesday 03/08/2022 intensively debated the bill entitled "The Guma Valley Water Company Act, 2021", for the development of Sierra Leone. The Bill seeks to repeal and replace the Guma Valley

With the appointment of Hon Alpha Kanu as Presidential Spokesman of the government, many Sierra Leoneans feel that the ruling party did this to target Port Loko, which is believe to be the stronghold of

You may not believe this, but at one time, over forty years ago, I had more money than my friend Tunde Cole, who recently donated a $2m building to Fourah Bay College. Well, not quite!

Regional Sunni Imams representing 68,000 registered members of the United Council of Imams (UCI) Sierra Leone on Wednesday July 27 2022 convened an emergency meeting at their Kissy Old Road Headquarters to condemn an Audio

Mathematically, the dreams of millions of Sierra Leoneans to sing, dance and collectively celebrate victory, if only we would have qualified for the 2023 Africa Cup of Nations, are not almost but over. In the

Three Lebanese nationals, Rabih Faysal Hamdoun, Walid Faisal Hamdoun, and Musa Hamdoun, are said to be in hiding in Lebanon following their orchestration of what seems to be one of the biggest criminal racketeering in the

With the current shortage of the Leone in banking institutions, the Governor of the Central Bank, Kelfala Kallon, has again introduced another failed policy, this time, to get the commercial banks to encourage their customers

Kenema District, according to the country's map, is the third-biggest district, and the recently published 'controversial' census results present it as the most populated district in the country. The district is well known for its 'uncompromising'

Officials from the Ministry of Health and Sanitation (MOHS) had donated various materials to the Cottage Hospital on Fourah Bay Road in Freetown, including trolleys, hospital beds, Refrigerator, pillows, foam mattresses and other useful equipment

Human Resources Global Consultancy Sierra Leone Limited, an overseas job recruitment agency at 56 Bass Street, Brookfield in Freetown, has been accused of running an illegal overseas employment entity without registering with the appropriate institutions,

The Sierra Leone Association of Journalists (SLAJ) has accused the Sierra Leone Police (SLP) of using the vague offence of incitement to clamp down on free speech, a state of affairs which worries the association.This

Former Commissioner for the Independent Media Commission (IMC) and proprietor and Chief executive Officer (CEO) of the Owl Media and Consultancy Company, Alhaji Dauda Musa Bangura, has secured his position as Vice President II of

What seems to be the order of the day is the possession of Doctorate degrees, even by people who could hardly construct a full sentence in English. Whether it is to show that they are

What is fast becoming the order of the day is a regular deployment of officials on the streets of the city to control traffic, and these are only seen extorting money from drivers, especially commercial