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HomeCommentaryAppointing Alpha Kanu As Presidential Spokesman …SLPP Targets Port Loko

Appointing Alpha Kanu As Presidential Spokesman …SLPP Targets Port Loko

Appointing Alpha Kanu As Presidential Spokesman …SLPP Targets Port Loko

With the appointment of Hon Alpha Kanu as Presidential Spokesman of the government, many Sierra Leoneans feel that the ruling party did this to target Port Loko, which is believe to be the stronghold of the main opposition party (APC), more especially as he hails from that region. But the big question is, whether Alpha Kanu will campaign for the SLPP against his own party in the coming election in Port Loko? Also does Alpha Kanu have the knack to make any difference where the likes of Hon Abdul Kargbo exist?

Whilst Vice President Juldeh Jalloh is also said to hail from that district, many say that Alpha Kanu’s popularity in the district surpasses that of the VP. They also say that as an opposition dominated district, it is hard to see how Alpha Kanu will convince his kinsmen to support the ruling party that has been their arch rival for decades. His appointment was therefore received with mixed feelings by many supporters of his party, especially as he is still a member of the said party. This question was put to Hon Abdul Kargbo by a Radio Democracy presenter, and his answer was that the last time he checked Alpha Kanu was still a member of the party and he has not seen any letter of resignation or expulsion with regards to him, as a result it sis his belief that he is still a member of the APC.

Many party supporters of the main opposition say that had Alpha Kanu been appointed as a Minister in the Bio government, it would be a different scenario, but as the Presidential Spokesman, he is expected to trumpet the position of the ruling party, and if he starts to condemn his party, then it will be considered anti-party activity and may lead to his suspension. But will Alpha Kanu do the bidding of the SLPP? He had always said that he is serving the nation and is prepared to serve his country under any dispensation, but it is not known whether he will be willing to talk against his party, as that will not be tantamount to serving the nation.

Other school of thoughts say that the SLPP government is deliberately doing this to ‘set fire’ between the APC and Alpha Kanu, and many are watching to see if Alpha Kanu will fall for that bait. This school of thoughts says that the government is using Alpha Kanu and will dump him after they have achieved their goal. As far as the Port Loko region is concern, APC supporters are of the view that their position there is strong and unshakable, as the recent by-elections conducted have all been won by the APC. Many Sierra Leoneans say that they know Alpha Kanu as someone who is very good in turning the truth around, and that the failure of Keketoma Sandy to perform to the expectation of the President necessitated the appointment of Alpha Kanu. One visibly angry supporter of the APC said that Alpha Khan can make the dead wake up in shock with a single lie.

However, there are those who are of the opinion that the days of Alpha Kanu as a prominent player in the politics of the country are over, and that he is barely trying to survive and will cling to any straw to save himself from drowning. They maintained that while Alpha Kanu has been removed from AK 11 to AK 9 in the Bio team, the APC has a solid defender in the person of Hon Abdul Kargbo, who is ready and determined to stop his shots at goal, and being younger than Alpha Kanu, he has the energy to beat him in the field of play, and will show him that he is one of the invincible 11 of the APC.

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