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July 2022

Three Lebanese nationals, Rabih Faysal Hamdoun, Walid Faisal Hamdoun, and Musa Hamdoun, are said to be in hiding in Lebanon following their orchestration of what seems to be one of the biggest criminal racketeering in the

With the current shortage of the Leone in banking institutions, the Governor of the Central Bank, Kelfala Kallon, has again introduced another failed policy, this time, to get the commercial banks to encourage their customers

Kenema District, according to the country's map, is the third-biggest district, and the recently published 'controversial' census results present it as the most populated district in the country. The district is well known for its 'uncompromising'

Officials from the Ministry of Health and Sanitation (MOHS) had donated various materials to the Cottage Hospital on Fourah Bay Road in Freetown, including trolleys, hospital beds, Refrigerator, pillows, foam mattresses and other useful equipment

Human Resources Global Consultancy Sierra Leone Limited, an overseas job recruitment agency at 56 Bass Street, Brookfield in Freetown, has been accused of running an illegal overseas employment entity without registering with the appropriate institutions,