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Season of Christmas, referred to as Advent in the Christian calendar, is upon us again.  I'm truly blessed and grateful, despite personal challenges, to be alive, witnessing another

Unfinished business means old business. Sometimes we leave relationships with hurt, hate and pain, we seem to let go, but still subconsciously cling to these factors that blighted

As humans we all have our moments and as each a different person, hence different moments. Unfortunately this tends to affect our lives and others correlated too, most

With reference to the last article I wrote on “Why Relationships Fail” I got several views coming in from people keen to get a word in, one of

Reader society is very complex nowadays most especially the one we’re living in. Most single people complain at the lack of good guys and honest ladies but the

It’s really painful when our efforts go unnoticed and unappreciated when our love is spurned and rejected. No two people are the same but sometimes we seem to

In the society we live in nowadays it seems that money is paramount to everything. Most people refuse to be involved in a relationship where the partner is

Caught up in our grand passions of love we forget the most important force that drives our relationship. We forget God. We forget that he’s the most important

Some people are naturally beautiful both inside and outside. Beauty like this definitely doesn’t hide.  So many times we see strangers on the street or wherever and think