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3 in a relationship – God, you, and partner

3 in a relationship – God, you, and partner

mailCaught up in our grand passions of love we forget the most important force that drives our relationship. We forget God. We forget that he’s the most important giver and lover above all things, the originator of marriage.

As a responsible person with moral ethics and values one must never forget God because he is the bringer of love. “God is love.” When in a relationship, a good healthy one, another presence must be felt-that of God. Sometimes when we have problems we can’t solve or understand; we surrender the situation unto God because he’s a God of the impossibility and so on. So why can’t we surrender our relationships unto God too so that we don’t start getting the very problems we ending pushing to him so solution?

It’s a shame that most people are misled into practicing black magic; fetish practices to get their heart desires. Tragically these people destroy not only their lives but also the lives of others (victims) and most importantly their own very salvation.

Nowadays black magic is a quick fix to most people’s problems especially when it comes to relationships. Love charms, potions and the likes are very popular among most people keen and desperate to secure a relationship in the African setting. They get swept up in renewing their potions and fighting to secure a partner so much that love slips out. It becomes a matter of control and grim possession. Usually these love charms don’t last long and the consequences are drastic and sometimes tragic. Some may not believe in black magic but honestly Reader it exists. No matter how hard we may try to avoid it; is present and breeds amongst us. As long as there is good there is also evil. As a matter of fact it appears that evil surpasses good in the world we live in but that must not stop one from trying to live a just and right life with God by your side.

Before entering into a relationship; one must first seek the face of God for guidance and divine intervention. Some people have been heartbroken so many times that their hearts are in bits and pieces and it has been found out that people like these turn to God for comfort and devoting their lives to him, but it said that one must serve God in his/her youth which I think applies to the fact that we must be with God in good times, not when the bad plaguing days dawn on us.

Sure God wants us to adore and love him but he also wants us to love ourselves. If for any relationship that comes our way we listen for God to guide us then things won’t be so bad. If we believe in him and try to live righteously then he would surely help us and put a smile and glow in our hearts. Sometimes when I feel there’s no one there for me, when love hurts me so bad I cant breathe I run to God to strengthen me and help me to see where I’m gong. “If only one’s faith is as small as a mustard seed…” When you really believe and aspire then you will surely receive Reader. On a warning note though, remember that though God loves us he’s and not a God to be manipulated. You can’t have your finger in several pies at once and expect God to help you. Remember that he knows our thoughts and deeds.

Don’t try to put anything else before God. He should be no one in your life, all other things come secondary. Acknowledging that is a great step to success Reader and things would be much better for you. No one is perfect but if we could only try to please God it doesn’t really mater what the rest of mankind think. The people that really matter will appreciate admire and love you. One must never try to be what he’s not and must resist giving up their good values and principles because of what people feel about them. Those are a few of the things that make up your character which is what you are. Your personality is what others perceive you to be. Rather than allowing strangers into your relationship invite God and let three become one.

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