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Accepting for Better or Worse

Accepting for Better or Worse

mailIn the society we live in nowadays it seems that money is paramount to everything. Most people refuse to be involved in a relationship where the partner is not well off or not affluent enough. Society has become a very tough dictator and to go against its rules of play means that you are ostracized from society and rejected. With global recession and the poor state of living especially in a country like Sierra Leone where people live on less than one dollar a day; the wherewithal is just not there and so most people exchange little comforts like companionship and sex for money. Some have dreams of falling in love with a very nice handsome or sexy person but one with a huge load of cash. Money goes before anything else and unfortunately in relationships too where love should be sacred and pure. In relationships people don’t even bother to contemplate love when money is not available. Just as easily people confuse the meaning of love. Even in marriages where sacred vows are taken “for better or worse” love has taken a backseat to money and material things. When the going is nice and smooth love is seen are and wide but when the tough ride comes along on an equally tough rough road that loving person is gone and in his/her place a monster steps in. Rome wasn’t built in a day but some people can’t understand or refuse to understand in their haste for fortune and financial security. When things are not going well for your partner that’s the right time to show them that you love them and with your encouragement and support he/she can pull through out of that rough ride. Interestingly, most rich guys are extremely wary of getting involved in relationships. They’ve probably caught on that most ladies just want the cash and fame. Even when they meet someone that genuinely cares for them they refuse to trust for fear of being used as a means to an end. So how can one expect to have a serious relationship to determine one‘s life and future? Love is a game of ‘seek and trick’ now and all rules of engagement have been changed. Being a very passionate person who is very content with what she has and determined to work for mine, I don’t allow material things to sway or trap me. I believe in love for better or worse. Stay with Sierra Express Media, for your trusted place in news!

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