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Loving a cheat

Loving a cheat

mailReader society is very complex nowadays most especially the one we’re living in. Most single people complain at the lack of good guys and honest ladies but the ultimate question is would you compromise and love a cheater?

Most people would be adamant and shocked at such a question but what is a relationship if it doesn’t involve patience, forgiveness and faith? Remember Rome wasn’t built in a day. It takes a good woman to make a good man and vice-versa. Most often we meet people who others dub as playboys or wild ladies and despite the odds we enter into a relationship with them trying to make them see there’s a better life for them.

Things may seem good on the surface but underneath it all one may be feeling insecure fearing that partner may slip back into his/her old ways. There’s a saying that you can’t teach an old dog new tricks but in this context I don’t agree Reader. Some force must have drawn you to your partner and a strong one it must be totaling partner’s faults and habits. That force must be strong enough for you to try to make a change in said parson’s life and one thing I know is that perseverance never failed. Well in a sense it doesn’t if you and partner are on the same lane willing to make things work.

Old habits die hard they also say. Most people fear giving up their freedom hence they shy away from relationships. Excuse you? You need to grow up? You want to be free to pursue easy girls and spend your hard-earned money on people not worth it? Alas sometimes no matter what we do or say if he’s going to cheat he’s going to cheat. Why? Some people can’t fight temptation. You may always be on the back of their minds and after they’re bound to come running back to you.

Apparently they find out that the grass is not much greener out there. What saddens me is the fact that people like these disrespect themselves by making themselves easy. Reader note that they don’t disrespect their partners by cheating because in most cases their partners are good caring people who presses all the right buttons. You can’t cheat on me and say you did it to disrespect me. No buddy you are on the **** list. Would you take your partner back?

Rome wasn’t built in a day and sometimes we have to close our eyes to some things and try to make the negative possibilities limited. Depending on how strong you feel your relationship is you might decide to forgive him/her and move on. Easier said than done the mind is bound to always taunt us of our partner’s infidelity but in such a situation one has to be really strong in order to survive the trauma and hurt.

In most cases people are very aware that their partners are cheaters but claim it doesn’t really matter as long as it doesn’t affect the relationship. A very modern way to look at things, one must not be so nonchalant as there is a wide playing field.

Who knows you might be taken from your love seat by one of his/her playmates. So you really have to make you count, make the difference to surpass all others and with time things will work out.

Some people might refuse to accept a cheater but no one is perfect and one can only hope and plan for the future. If you dumped every cheater in your life at successive paces  then you will be seen as a difficult case. Sure you have your principles but sometimes we have to compromise to get things our way. You don’t necessarily have to give them up you can just slacken them a bit. Remember the relationship is just not about one person but two. Patience care and love must be present in a relationship to make it work and a focused mind. Remember trouble may endure for the night but joy comes in the morning.

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