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Love of City – Unfinished Business

Love of City – Unfinished Business

Unfinished business means old business. Sometimes we leave relationships with hurt, hate and pain, we seem to let go, but still subconsciously cling to these factors that blighted our cupid hearts.

Often than not, we do these without realizing the emotional and psychological dangers we tend to put ourselves into; yet subconsciously it’s there at the back of our minds.

We try to carry on as if it doesn’t exist but the trouble with this is that we never truly move on.

Unfinished business takes up one’s time and energy and interferes with life now, in unseen negative ways. I used to think that love was created for me and when I finally realized that sometimes it’s just not meant to be, I was shattered.

I had so many conflicting emotions running through my mind and heart like betrayal, pain, anger, shame and regret that I carried it into my next relationship which I must confess ended in a worse vein Reader.

I was so bitter, emotionally insecure, nonchalant, possessive and desperate, that I totally lost my bearing and my relationship – one that I wasn’t ready for.

Having unfinished business that I refused to properly acknowledge damaged my relationships, until I faced the truth that it wasn’t meant to be and let the past go.

You might scoff that it’s not as easy as it sounds but you know what, readers; it takes just a little step to get to healing.

Try to face those hurting emotions, analyze and dissect them if you want and move on with life because you have a lot to give.

Remember, sorrow may endure for the night but joy comes in the morning.

To the readers, it is you that determine your altitude in life; and it is by your very attitude things change for the good.

You need not settle for less, never allow situations to rule the way you live because you just might change that situation, or better yet, you’ll have your own perfect ‘situation’ when you prepare yourself for it.

To achieve a relationship, you have to know who you are, and most importantly, you have to recognize your attributes and liabilities and learn to work with them.

Dear readers, you must love yourself, only then can you give and receive love in return.

Don’t allow unfinished business to crowd your life that has so much potential because it’ll only draw you deep down into the bowels of history. Instead of being history, make history.

You’ll find out that once you let go of all the negativity in your life, things become much clearer and brighter and no business remains unfinished business.

The term ‘commitment’ means a whole lot of things like “loyalty, pledge, vow etc.., but funnily enough, if one were to relate to this context, one would find that the term ‘commitment’ is a façade used by most people in ‘relationships’.

In a country like Sierra Leone where the ratio of men is 1 man to 5 women, most women appear to settle for less in relationships and men seems to take advantage of the situation by having as much women that are available to their needs and desires.

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