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Mutual Attraction – Lust

Mutual Attraction – Lust

mailSome people are naturally beautiful both inside and outside. Beauty like this definitely doesn’t hide.  So many times we see strangers on the street or wherever and think “damn he’s fine, she’s hot!”

We are attracted to the individual. As humans we love beautiful things and most often than not, it’s the physical beauty of a person that draws us to them like the eyes, lips, hair general physique or aura.

Attraction means the tendency of bodies being drawn together. Sometimes we find ourselves in situations where we can feel another’s presence, our eyes can’t stop looking at them, and we just go all fluttery and nervous at their mere sight. Naturally our hormones-carnal or otherwise start flowing making you lose your posture or lost in wonders. So most importantly, to be attracted to someone is to feel lust for them; it is to have cravings of an extraordinary type for them. This is not necessarily a bad thing as others might think it; it’s natural; it just humans; the truth is we were made for each other-the opposite sex in particular.

Being attracted to someone is one of the key steps to securing a relationship. One’s got to have someone that presses the right buttons; not some cold person that will put you to sleep who leaves your feelings untouched.

Also being attracted to someone brings passion which keeps the relationship going. All said and done, you meet someone you find yourself attracted to. What do you do about it? Could it lead to love or is it just a passing attraction, a desire to satisfy one’s carnal appetite?

Usually, when one finds himself in a position where they feel attracted to someone, the first thing that comes to mind is sexual intimacy. They don’t really think about later, they just want it now. When put like that it’s very easy to confuse love and lust.  Unfortunately most people don’t really take time to get to know a person; rather they get swept up in their carnal rush and mistake it for love. Sadly they soon realize that it was nothing but a brief desire.

In Sierra Leone casual relationships are the norm now. A relationship like this is solely based on carnal desires and nothing more. This cannot be referred to as love.

As a mature and responsible person, one must know what he/she wants and must be able to put a best foot forward. One must be strong and wise enough not to just give in to lust. Sure, sometimes it’s good to let things be, take each day as it comes but trust me Reader after some time when you feel cheap and used you’ll wish you hadn’t made yourself so easy. For every person you felt attracted to and you acted on it just think about your reputation and your emotional state of mind; might also be led to think what if this while thing flops-where would be emotionally or otherwise. Sure, temptation comes one’s way but you have to be really careful on how you deal with it.

Old fashioned? It shocks me that people would actually give their bodies up to someone on just a brief whim, for the sake of seeing the body and developing a craving for it. What happens if he/she refuses to call you after the deed is done, or worse spoils your reputation further by discussing your brief liaison with other people?

Reader I don’t know about you but I would be traumatized for the rest of my life if I got caught up in such a situation. One must be extremely careful if already in a relationship. You can’t be checking every girl or guy out when involved with another. That is just disrespectful and demeaning. I’m sure you would loathe the idea of somebody checking your man or girl out. So why do you do it? Some might claim that some people are very hard to resist but trust me when you are in a relationship where you feel comfortable and love your partner he/she would be all you truly desire. No other stranger will come close to you as your partner.

One must remember that physical beauty is not all that matters, what really matters is the beauty on the inside-for after physical beauty fades one’s inner beauty remains and shines even more.      

We live in a small world and especially in Sierra Leone it appears that everyone knows each other’s business so one has to be very careful with the people you deal with and how you deal with them or else you will find yourself on a black list. Trust me in Sierra Leone there’s not much of a gold list but that must not encourage you to be on the black list. Rather than being on any list be your own person and do what you feel is right for you. Don’t allow society to pressure you or lead you rather lead society with your good values and principles.

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