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Fear of rejection

Fear of rejection

mailIt’s really painful when our efforts go unnoticed and unappreciated when our love is spurned and rejected. No two people are the same but sometimes we seem to forget the fact and build up a list of expectations that every partner must fulfil. You may have met someone once who seemed perfect for you; all your friends loved him/ her but one way or the other you broke up. Subconsciously you put out feelers and hints that every other person must try to feel the space that your ex left. Worse we may even give out hints that nobody can come close to that person.

Naturally a spouse will feel small compared to this mighty ex and may try to be what he/she is not just to please you. This does not speak well for the relationship as he/she is bound to feel unhappy and inferior to a person that you still wont let go of even if said is gone far away. Also some people have such big egos that they can’t see past their noses. They think they’re Lords over everyone else. People like these are very shallow minded and really not worth wasting time over because the earth sure doesn’t evolve around them. These facts added to others are mainly why people refuse to acknowledge and make known their feelings. They fear being rejected. No dice about it Readers, life is not all about roses, it’s about thorns too.

Life is a game of chance and risk so no matter what one does it is a risk. One cannot afford to just live on the negative side of life; one must not let life slip away. We must be grateful that we are given the chance to make things work for us, an opportunity to shape our lives.

In a society like the one we live in it is almost unheard of for a woman to voice her feelings to a guy. That would be reputation suicide! I don’t understand why people have to hide behind their fingers because sooner or later their true character is bound to be revealed. Society leads us in a hazy maze of deceit falsehood and pretence and so one cannot really express his/her true feeling for fear of being rejected.

A foolish thing I hear most of the time from people is that they are scared of getting involved in relationships for fear of being used and hurt. Excuse you??!! Readers if you are one of these people then honestly you need to grow up and leave that little nest you think is the world. Get on with life. You honestly can’t expect a fairy tale life especially in the world we live in and with the rate of people dying one is really fortunate to face the challenges that love and life throws at us. “According to your faith let it be unto you…what the mind thinks so it is”

Sometimes our imaginations run wild with us and almost all our thoughts borders on the negative so much that we can’t help but bring them to life. To succeed in life one’s got to have a positive outlook and hence a positive step. Thinking negatively brings out the negative side of you and shuts down the receptive parts that are made for loving and sharing. Why not think positively and have faith in yourself? When we believe and have faith we exercise that faith in our works and lives and life is generally kinder to us. Why? Because we made it so! Reader even if you end up being rejected there’s got to be someone out there who loves you and appreciates you. Guess what? You can’t meet that person until you open yourself up to life’s good and bad sides. So keep trying because to try and fail is no disgrace. Remember what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. It is better to have loved and lost than to have never loved.

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