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Mr. Idiot – The Idiot’s meeting with Obasanjo in Liberia

Mr. Idiot – The Idiot’s meeting with Obasanjo in Liberia

My people, I the Idiot of a type was in Liberia few days ago where he fortunately and in camouflage caught at Obasanjo who was from Sierra Leone after saying thank you to the ruling APC government for honouring during the country’s 50 independence celebration.

Don’t mind the Idiot at all. Because he is a senseless, stupid and unintelligent man; one who’s Idiotism has earned him a knight title as ‘Sir Cleverest Idiot,’ he has got no sense but continue to say things that are completely absurd.

You know what? It was all a surprise getting from the Idiot the true reasons surrounding the visit of Olusegun Obasanjo.

No matter the negative nomenclatures put upon me, I am still an Idiot and nobody changes me at all.

To the Idiot, it was a shame that people with PHDs, degrees, double masters etc were all at the Sierra Leone state house to witness a press briefing by Obasanjo but virtually could not tell him to the face that his visit to Sierra Leone was not to say thank you to ‘Di Pa’ but rather make clandestine business arrangements.

Notwithstanding an irrational Idiot of a type, there was no way Obasanjo could veto him (Mr. Idiot) single out his true reasons for visiting Sierra Leone.

Now allow the Idiot unfold his meeting with the former Nigerian President while in Liberia.

And don’t also forget that he used to be Mr. Idiot’s comrade in arms. No way would Obasanjo end Bihafra war had the Idiot of a type not joined him.

While in Liberia Obasanjo, I mean where he has his good old friend… he told me (Mr. Idiot) that he has had vested interest in doing business in Sierra Leone.

That with the discovery of oil in waters of Sierra Leone, it is sure he will soon give up his business in cattle rearing in place of oil mining in Sierra Leone.

To this, my people, came the Idiot’s reflection that indeed the former Nigerian President has realistically not come to Sierra Leone to merely say thank you to the APC government, but however to lobby his way for a cut of portion of the oil blocks discovered offshore Sierra Leone.

Fellow countrymen, the Idiot is proud to wisely draw your attention to a visit once made by Obasanjo to then members of Sierra Leone People’s Party (SLPP) the in governance.

I still remember him asking Sierra Leoneans vote Solomon Berewa for continuity.

This same man has again come to Sierra Leone, this time, to recommend President Koroma for second term.

And if at all we could use the past to tell what lies ahead of us, then it’s obviously no doubt that Obasanjo’s recommendation of President Koroma for a second term is seemingly an affirmation that he will be defeated in 2012.

His recommendation of Solomon Berewa saw him woefully losing the 2007 elections. And if he now recommends President Koroma, what then do we expect?

As an Idiot, a stupid Idiot too, I am but suspicious that politicians of Sierra Leone may have been playing under hand game; receiving monies from number of international investors on account of the yet to be seen oil.

The Idiot has been told that the sum of $100 million is under way to reach hands of desperate politicians by companies with vested interest in relation to discoveries of oil offshore Sierra Leone.

Fellow Sierra Leoneans, do you also know that Obasanjo made serialized promises to the powers that be?

Nobody, not even the bookish knows where the Idiot gets information concerning secret conducts of politicians.

Please allow the Idiot brings to brightness information concerning a scheduled nationwide speech to be delivered by the newly elected SLPP Presidential flagbearer Julius Maada Bio.

Of course, it is to the knowledge of Sierra Leoneans that Maada Bio’s victory speech was allegedly prepared by the President of Sierra Leone Association of Journalists Umaru Fofanah.

Will it amaze you though that the Idiot was told that Bio’s speech for the Saturday 3rd meeting is said to have been written by his former comrade in arms… call name nar en get palaver ya, who di cap fit wear it!

Be not dismayed at Idiot’s ridiculous and shameless conducts at all. He is an Idiot; one whose conducts practically describes him as a senseless, pointless and stupid person.

Anyway, call me all kinds of name, for all I know is, as an Idiot I am bound by my readership and not any politician at all.

So, could you help me find an answer to this question: is Obasanjo in favour of President Koroma or Maada Bio?

Remember also that the Idiot used to be an army officer and was Obasanjo’s comrade in arms. If you want to prove what the Idiot says please ask General Bihafra.

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