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Mister Idiot: Who is this short-writ author?

Mister Idiot: Who is this short-writ author?

When the idiot turns his senseless nose poking to issues of public concern, uncle corruption Josie the dreamer sensed he was trapped in the wedge of a love triangle. It is a saga, a commotion or controversy; I don’t know, ask the idiots who think they understand better.

Some may be tempted to say the idiot is drunk and went at his madness to rant ills about Josie.  The idiot wants his readable community to know that he is not going after him on personal reason because the idiot of a type has moral integrity even though he is a typical idiot.

The idiot is also sensitive to the comment of Shorllay the spin master hired to hound some bunch of idiots in their poor squalid structures. Even the idiot notices that the press houses are vexed over the emetic pen-less attitude of Shorllay who thinks he can insult journalists in their own media entities and thinks they are idle enough to carry their slush press releases which can’t pay for.

The idiot’s column is written freely he doesn’t purchase space; none like you who will have to scout funds to be able to pay for half page column advertorial. Ah hmm lest I forget the ACC are having bills at SEM for the bulk of their attached publication notices my editor has been publishing.

Who says it’s for nothing, if na e make the write write been sweet you ready for pay or ar call debt you na public.

You say axis of corruption protection, you are a fool. Don’t you know the axis of corruption, let me show you one, if you are paid for publications and you dot operate a newspaper, no reporting background and not even paying taxes for your publications worth, then you end up slotting those script inserts of yours and it got published on pages of newspapers for which you paid nothing, you have committed a crime in both ways, one, obtaining money under false pretence, two, soliciting and putting money into your personal use that does not belong to you but the publisher and not the author for whatever junk. Put together all of these they are said acts of corruption. Have you understood the axis?

You guys continue to eat fat salaries at the end of the day and the media houses continue to reel in poverty.

The idiot has considered your statement to be true if it is supported by fact, without which that comment is said to be coming from a half pint mind size personality who appears to be more stupid than the idiot. Come to think of it, the ACC is a prosecuting arm pursuing criminals, I wonder why their press release is so full of unintelligent defense, refuting the pinnacle of Josie the dreamer being caught in his lustful and Oliver twist appetite for more women, the new shift in raising senseless comments over non interested areas of the article publish by this medium is a misplacement of identity and ideals of the ACC, but I need not wonder, it must have been the senior, senior brother of the idiot Shorllay, the spinner who is masterminding the pen. Our people say don’t throw stones at another when you know you are living in a glass house; is it a crime by this medium and many more media in checkmating the social and moral standard of those who hunt our moral avarice in the name of pursuing corrupt officials? Why the fisher of men is so weary of being fished by another, the idiot will say this aloud that the predator is now the prey, and the idiot will promise its readers, including Shorllay, the spinner that he is pursuing the matter of Josie the dreamer cum Oliver Twist, who has a bigger appetite for more women to the last drop of our blood. You poor sods!            

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