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The vivacious “New People Newspaper Online” carried out an attention-grabbing critique captioned “Is the APC Leadership Listening or Reading”,  written by Dr Sama Banya – Puawui. The reason

President Dr. Ernest Bai Koroma is currently considered by Global Civil Societies and Western Democracies as the First Toughest Political Leader in Africa and Asia who has ever

An Open request for the Office of His Excellency, the Vice President of Sierra Leone, Chief Sam Sumana II to intercede into a Character-Mutilating Injustice Smudged against a

Mrs. Manjia Belama-Samba, radio talk show female journalist was judicially terrorized by a pitiless anti-APC government resident magistrate, Mr. Komba Kamanda of the Kenema District Court. (Photo: Eddie

Although President Dr. Ernest Bai Koroma is an intelligent and gallant leader, he needs sincere support from the APC-Worldwide forum and related entities to enhance successful sociopolitical organizing The

A heroic combatant attached to the Operational Security Division (OSD), Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASP), Mr. Mohamed Bayo Bangura who patriotically has been serving his nation for over

Staging of a multicolored sketch of an Agenda for Change is just the first step in an effort to cater for resources that may perhaps be steered towards

It is debatable to emphasize that since the establishment of the All People's Congress (APC) party in Sierra Leone; APC organizers and administrators have always cuddled and encouraged