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December 2009

Before she departed the land that she loves, Sierra Leone, Nanette Thomas, a vibrant and out spoken woman of substance who was recently named the ‘’Rock’’ of Sierra Leone Arc of Hope, sat down in

Deputy Health and Sanitation Minister, Mohamed Daudis Koroma, has succeeded in extending an invitation to twenty eight Doctors from different parts of the world to Sierra Leone. Dr. Hizabr Ghulamalla Mohamed El- Sheik of Physicians Across

What a year it has been! 2009 was not an easy year for a lot of people; in fact for many it was a difficult year through which we have come this far by the

The manner in which the SLPP hierarchy is operating lately is likely to send a devastating blow to the party if not checked. It is indisputable that the three most important members of the SLPP executive

Carrie Mullings On-air Radio Personality, voted in 2009 as the # 1 Best Radio DJ of the Year (only female to be nominated) from Reggae Music Achievement Awards is Canada's Reggae Ambassador and was the

If you are an immigrant, this topic is for you.  Do you remember when you were in your native country, when you saw those beautiful commercials on TV? Some people assumed that Canada, America and

Very often, we hear of diversity issues, differences of opinion regarding policies affecting people with different ethnic backgrounds in corporations, social settings and even political  issues crop up  because of this  very important factor  time

Following a recent donation of 28 Honda generators to 9 schools nation-wide, the sponsors of the Kanga schools project under the indefatigable international co-ordinator Madam Barbie Davies has recently completed a three day tour in

The main aim of this article is to highlight how poor governance has led to an increase in fraud and corruption and why it is important for APC to change their practice in order to

At a well attended Eucharistic ceremony held at St. Francis Xavier Parish in Makeni, parishioners, brother priests, religious as well as members of the general public witnessed the conferral of papal honours on three local

The socio-economic and political development of Sierra Leone is based on a number of factors, primarily among them, is the willingness of the majority of the citizenry and foreign residents to give significant support to

Sierra Leone Embassy which temporarily relocated from its Olaya District offices in Saudi Arabia’s largest city, Riyadh, early last month to about 1,200 kilometers in the second largest Southern city, Jeddah, has this week returned. During

Yarta B. Sesay, Sr. was born in 1947 at Biriwa Limba Chiefdom Bombali East Bumban Village, he was raised in Freetown, Cline Town, Canekai.  He attended the model school of Kissy dockyard W.A.M Collegiate Secondary

As the APC-NA “Power House” is in the preparation for their National Delegate Convention in Ohio next year, Christians and other APC supporters in diaspora are gaining momentum in readiness to celebrate yet another Christmas

Freetown– The United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) recently donated 10 motorbikes to Sierra Leone’s Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Food Security as part of its commitment to support district level staff working in the