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Dr. Sama Banya’s Old Tactics of Destructive Politics

Dr. Sama Banya’s Old Tactics of Destructive Politics

The vivacious “New People Newspaper Online” carried out an attention-grabbing critique captioned “Is the APC Leadership Listening or Reading”,  written by Dr Sama Banya – Puawui. The reason behind the old man’s bias appetite is just to remind people about how much he has failed his people and tribesmen.  (Photo: Eddie Stanley – author)

If SLPP intends to reinstate the good image of the party, the party should dribble Dr. Banya out of active political discussions. Allowing Dr. Banya’s political babble to dominate and disrupt healthy discussions in an atmosphere that chases reconciliation, socio economic and political development will be a fierce set-back toward political development. Besides, it might damage the able SLPP’s good political intensions. SLPP should not be seen as a bad party except for Dr. Banya who seems to be a stubborn political jack-ass by refusing to give-up his political agenda. SLPP will likely fail elections again if the party continues to allow Dr. Sama Banya to manipulate the SLPP ticket to the presidency. If Banya wants to be considered one more time to lead the party if the SLPP does not have fresh bloods to champion the cause of the party, then there is little or no reason to believe that the SLPP will likely regain power soon.

The SLPP should be searching for a youthful charismatic person who will open a new chapter that can and should put the SLPP back on the right track in national politics. The SLPP must try to let Dr. Banya stay away from the old tactics of destructive politics triggered by selfishness. The reason to disengage Dr. Banya’s political agenda stems from the fact that he cannot be trusted in any well-mannered political community. For instance, Dr. Banya had been a member of the APC Party who held many senior portfolios after he was recruited by the late Pa Siaka Stevens (May his soul rest in perfect peace). What did Dr. Banya do or achieve when he was a high ranking politician in the APC party? He turned against his people and even inflicted disheartening pains on them. After serving many years in the APC party, he rejoined SLPP politics, which should remind the SLPP that Dr. Banya is a political absconder with two-fold tongue. Being the (MADDA) father of the party doesn’t qualify Dr. Banya to be blotching clean hearted politicians. If SLPP intends to stay in the good hands of Sierra Leone politics, quack politicians such as Dr. Sama Banya must be made to keep their mouths shut. The more he talks the more people find fault in his political garbage.

The youths of SLPP should mobilize and protest against the ugly leadership of Dr. Banya in order to let him retire from active politics. Or else he will continue to disrupt the party’s progress. Even if he voluntarily retires or is coerced to resign, he should not even be tolerated to advise the party because he is very tactful in easily misleading politicians. If Sama Banya was unable to advise Former President Kabbah correctly, if he was successful in engaging in polluted politics that caused the failure of the SLPP in the recent general election, why should the SLPP continue to encourage him to be the mouth piece of the party? SLPP and their supporters have very many educated, experienced, well-mannered and well-to-do young politicians that can influence participatory leadership model. Therefore, allowing Sama Banya to be engaging in disseminating egotistical and lewd opinionated misinformation explicates the party’s lack of reputable leadership and no planned agenda.

Callous and nonconformist political approach to an already impoverished nation should and can no longer be tolerated by Sierra Leoneans because it is a deceptive and non-progressive behavior that the citizenry is fed-up with.  Not only Sierra Leone voters but all citizens over the age of 10 years have been sensitized by the ravages of war that was perpetrated by the grimy politicians through irresponsible greedy behavior such as the one that Dr. Banya and a few journalists are promoting. Dr. Banya’s lousy discussions coupled with his bias and ill-informed journalists do not have a place in a nation that (Dr. Banya) has misruled for over 11 years.  Any average and meaningful Sierra Leonean with common sense will agree with the facts that the decade-long motiveless war that smashed the nation’s human resources, infrastructure and economic development was the result of political greed, miscarriage of justice, preclusion of many politicians from democratic politics and dictatorship that should not be blamed only on one party.  Now that the era of grubby political beliefs seem to have been wiped out by the recent war followed by almost 15 years of NPRC and SLPP blooper, right-minded citizens of Sierra Leone should be doing what so ever it will take to reunite the citizenry through polite political principles. Irrespective of the education and wealth that Sierra Leoneans have, trying to influence haughty and disingenuous conduct in politics such as the one practiced by Dr. Banya and his irritated and perverse media muggers will never help change Sierra Leone to a better nation. Nevertheless, a meaningless campaign against any ruling party will always render the opposing party higher chances of failing the next elections, especially when that party leadership tends to always engage in abysmal cants. Shutting him up will clearly explain how discouraged the SLPP is about Dr. Banya’s let-down of the party. He did not only fail the citizens of Sierra Leone, rather he also failed or disappointed his SLPP by not governing the way that could have continued to maintain the party in full leadership role.

Eddie K. Stanley, Philadelphia, USA

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  • Hi Mr. Stanley,
    There was relatively some calm in the nation when SLPP came to power after the war. It was not easy to rule a broken down nation with nothing to start with. SLPP did some good work for nation. There were some areas that they were to be blamed for. Let’s give credit where it is due. The APC coming back to power after bringing the country to its lowest point for about 30years, would have been able to bring our country on track had they not embark on fighting the opposition party. Most of the developmental plans/projects were made by the former government SLPP. Dr.Banya is a free man he has the right to say whatever, it is left with you to agree or disagree. Do you believe in freedom of speech? I think SLPP do not realy need advisers like you. SLPP has level headed men who are able to read within lines and could tell the party what is good or bad for them. When did you last visit Sierra Leone? The President needs to be listening to some of the crecticizms against him not just the praise singers.

    MKK, Maryland.

    5th July 2010
  • Hi Stanley,
    Taking a lengthy time to discard Dr Banya’s contributions is an indiacation how meaningful and thought provoking his articles have been.You proved to be a clever fool cheat by failing to name APC for all the vices you mentioned as been the root causes of the eleven years of war.SLPP rule should be percieved from the angles of finishing the war,and their programmes geared towards Reconciliation, Rehabilitation and Reconstruction of the battered nation. Present APC should be judged based on the amount of developments they forstered as they inherited a peaceful country with solid foundation to build upon.However, any true sierra leonean should be alarmed with the massive corruption, lawlessness perpetrated by the presidential guards,high cost of leaving with poor salary conditions and high injustices.Praise singing will not change the realities on the ground.Please Stanley if you believe what you are saying, go now to sierra leone and get a first hand experience until then, the much you keep your mouth closed the better.
    Joseph, P.R.China

    4th July 2010

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