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January 2010

Sierra Leone has been highly praised by the Executive Secretariat of Aid for Trade in Geneva for taking the lead in accessing Sierra Leone’s quota in Aid for Trade Fund, and making judicious use of

Many people have still not come to terms with the extraordinary State House comedy of last week. My email In-Box has been full of messages, all of them asking nearly the same question “Was it

Sierra Leone’s Permanent Representative to the Economic Community of West African States Commission, (ECOWAS) His Excellency Henry O. Macauley has confirmed the change of date for a pending ECOWAS summit.  "Latest notice from the ECOWAS Secretariat

Anthony Daunde, a senior staff worker at ZAIN, Koidu office has allegedly threatened to stone to death Professor Ritchard M’bayo, the University professor who has expressed an interest in becoming the flag bearer of the

Give Lillian Lisk a chance Lillian Lisk is a household name in Sierra Leone. From a grass roots beginning, Lisk was able to surmount the usual belief that a woman’s place is in the home when

One area that has been for a very long time very consistent in making its steady input to the development of the country most Sierra Leoneans and development agencies have agreed is the Sierra Leone

Sierra Leoneans are certainly thankful for the progress made so far to ensure that the perennial issue of entrenched corruption that has been blamed for the backwardness of the country-thanks to the reforms President Koroma

Cleric Minister Alhaji, Hon Alpha Kanu: a disgrace! You certainly could not beat it! That a man of public character, one time spokesperson for the ruling All People’s Congress, former Minister in the Office of the

The call came just before 9 a.m. this morning. The voice sounded familiar and friendly, although I could not put a face to it. I have this weakness that out of politeness I hardly ask

Regular readers of this column may recall that I have occasionally quoted Richard Brimsley Sheridan. In his “School for Scandal” Lady Teazle says, “The heart that is conscious of its own integrity is ever slow

This is not déjà vu, it actually happened before in Sierra Leone: a president emphatically saying that he has evidence of corruption in public offices but too timid to sack the thieves. President Momoh did

Fierce West African rivals Ghana and Nigeria are preparing to face each other in the semi-finals of the Africa Cup of Nations, in one of the biggest games between the two in recent years. Here, we

Celebrated Sierra Leonean broadcaster Samuel Valcarcel for the first time opens his heart to Salone Jamboree on many issues including the sweetheart of his life, his unborn baby, his coming wedding and why he decided

In an extraordinarily tough and uncompromising tone, President Ernest Bai Koroma today decried the behaviour and actions of virtually all the ministries and other institutions in charge of law-enforcement in Sierra Leone. Speaking at a special

The people of Kholifa Rowalla Chiefdom in the Tonkolili District, north of Sierra Leone, have vowed to reject any move to impose an uneducated paramount chief on them. They said one of the main reasons