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No Strong Evidence against ASP Bayo Bangura in Allegations Associated with Armed Robberies, but Injustice and Hatred Policing Led to his Malicious Detention

No Strong Evidence against ASP Bayo Bangura in Allegations Associated with Armed Robberies, but Injustice and Hatred Policing Led to his Malicious Detention

A heroic combatant attached to the Operational Security Division (OSD), Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASP), Mr. Mohamed Bayo Bangura who patriotically has been serving his nation for over three decades with untainted record is currently languishing in the Pademba Road Prisons for an alleged crime that he never committed but was tied to it as the result of his tribal affiliation and loyalty to the Inspector General of Police, Mr. Brima Acha Kamara. The war against the Inspector General of Police, Mr. Brima Acha Kamara conceived to remove him from his position of merit is not waged by politicians as typically expected.  Instead, it’s seemingly coordinated by some of his Assistant Commissioners of Police and Deputy Inspector General of Police, Morie Lengor based on tribal animosity, hatred, jealousy and over anxiety to head the police. However, assumingly, the war against Acha Kamara can only be won if all his loyalists and very close allies are trimmed down, which is a unashamed stretch out. Thus, ASP Bayo Bangura and many others became a target of fault finding supervision. 

The IG’s tolerance to ASP Bangura’s loyalty was not something exceptional in the sense that, apparently, all over the world employers and or heads of departments feel very comfortable working with employees who demonstrate loyalty to their superiors. Meanwhile, the theory of loyalty appears to stimulate an acknowledgement of the elements of infatuation with commitment that tend to generate sincerity of purpose, which dynamism  often capitulates proportionate individual  output in a booming institution. Thus, loyalty, though not always 100 % precise, is a standard of measure that can assume an employee’s expected output in a given task, unlike some treacherous greedy senior members of the Sierra Leone Police who appear be bastardizing some officers loyal to the Inspector General of Police based on loathing, fretfulness and resentful policing, to them loyalty resembles a crime.

Not long ago, ASP Bangura was instantly arrested, detained, and dismissed from his job before ever he was charged with alleged offenses derived from infatuated leadership hysteria, sources close to Police Headquarters giggled during my investigations.  Clearly, O/C Bangura is paying the price of being loyal to the Inspector General of Police, Mr. Brima Acha Kamara who is reviled and being witch-hunted by his surrounding lieutenants. The reason for O/C Bayo Bangura’s premature dismissal from employment and charged with alleged offenses is as the result of a malicious conspiracy just to get rid of him from the police department because he was accused by some senior police officers of being very loyal, while allegedly paying lips-services to the former Director of OSD, Pa David Sesay and the head of the Police, Inspector general of police, Mr. Brima Acha Kamara.  Like any other human being on earth, although no one applied to belong to or hail from any tribe or race, nonetheless, one has to identify him/herself with the ethnicity he/she belongs to.

It is by coincidence that Pa David Sesay who once headed the OSD is a Limba by tribe, while the head of the police is a Limba by tribe, which ancestry they both never applied for and it’s not a crime.  The Morie Lengor’s brainwashed scam of investigators failed to reflect on O/C Bangura’s past records to determine whether or not he has a criminal record, had anything connected with weapons or if he is in possession of the keys to any arms’ store. It is evident that there has never been any police report on missing weapons in which O/C Bangura was investigated. All weapons used by O/C Bangura and his team were supplied to him.  ASP Bangura was never in charge of storing and or distributing weapons. 

Even before the emergence of the rebels’ incursion that lasted for nearly 12 years, Sierra Leone had been encountering armed robberies. Besides, the war spilled numerous weapons to the hands of barbaric criminals, which weapons weren’t recovered after the war.  What the malicious police repudiated to acknowledge is that the rate of crimes always rise up in any nation that is recovering from war.  Sierra Leone’s recent war shouldn’t be merely blamed on rebels because they didn’t just decide to become rebels. Rather they became rebels be default as the result of succeeding governments’ inability to rule humanitarianly.

 Politicians use poor civilians to vote for them but the same politicians will inflict all sorts of problems on their constituents who have no place to complain. Thus, the series of political unrests that result in a war that no one wanted but no one was able to prevent. 

Like many Sierra Leoneans, I do not support violent protest just as I do not cherish any government with a leader who is more of a bully and a punk.  It will be nice and wise if SLAJ and Sierra Leone based news papers will examine through rigorous investigation the allegations against ASP Bangura to find out the compelling evidence that warranted his immediate arrest.

In fact Sierra Leone needs a blanket amnesty where all war offenders will be forgiven and rehabilitated to return back to their communities and contribute towards national reconstruction.   The APC Leader and head of state can use his good office and declare blanket amnesty to all war offenders including the ones already in prison like members of the Kamajors militia. We know bad things happened during the war but there is no bad bush to throw a bad child. No one supported the violence that rebels perpetrated alongside civil defense forces but because they are our brothers and sisters and moreover we need peace, we would like our God given President; Dr. Ernest Bai Koroma to declare blanket amnesty for all wanted and convicted Sierra Leoneans to be free and join the citizenry in rebuilding our nation.

Although we depend on handouts from the international community, yet we should be able to take decisions of unity regardless of how they might feel about it. It appears as if the war only ended in the bush, but it’s sneakily going on in the offices in the form of prejudices like the disruptiveness presently carried out in the police department by the anti Inspector General of Police squad. If SLPP never used tribal sentiments in supervising the police administration, why should APC allow such abysmal policing to prevail at a time when the police ought to be fighting to stabilize the nation from the loose ends of post war crimes?   How and why can the use of weapons by armed robbers be blamed on ASP Bangura who has no negative record of misuse of weapons? 

Even if the alleged armed robbers were or are to accuse any police officer of selling or leasing weapons, there is urge for thorough investigations to be conducted without being bias  central to the fact that perhaps the thieves might have made such charges in an attempt to explore a theory of incriminating officers of the armed robbery squad. 

Rumors have it that some of the bandits were coerced to identify O/C Bayo Bangura as the officer who sold guns to them. Common sense has it that the police handling that case conducted their investigations like a chiefdom court messenger who has never been in a police training school because they were authorized by Morie Lengor to do whatsoever it will take to incriminate O/C Bangura regardless of the aftermath. If that was not the case,  an officer with a university degree is supposed to have observed the flaws in the investigations, make sure there was no rush to arrest and charge O/C Bangura until the elements that constituted the alleged crime/s were sufficient for an arrest. Before ever ASP Bayo Bangura was arrested, news already went out that he was going to be arrested, detained and dismissed from his work before charged to court for an uninvestigated allegation.

ASP Mr. Mohamed Bayo Bangura is a seasoned officer who had worked tirelessly to build up his reputation only to be destroyed within a second of a minute for allegations that his conspirators are yet to validate.  If the leader who authorized the unnecessary disgraceful punishment of ASP Bayo Bangura is not a bully and a punk, he would have invited O/C Bangura to report immediately to the Headquarters, meet with him in the presence of other senior officers, inform him about the allegations against him, admonish him in relation to the pros and cons of the matter and put him on administrative leave, while awaiting investigations. 

Arresting O/C Bangura from his place of deployment and escorting him to where he was detained alone clearly explains how excruciating, rambling and care-free the investigation was perpetrated. Is that the right way to change the police?

The jury, the magistrate and the judiciary should take into consideration how O/C Bangura was arrested without valid evidence and the publicity that followed his arrest, and then throw that case out of court for insufficient evidence and police misconduct.

O/C Bangura shouldn’t have even been charged together with the armed robbers, which attempt is a naked bastardization of the police administration. The Minister of Interior and or the Vice President should call for all files concerning the fake investigations calculated to destroy not only the 31 years of honorable service of ASP Bayo Bangura but also has caused his entire family to be bleeding, while this case portrays the police department  like a nightmare of loyal police officers’ safety. 

This is a case of an injustice perpetrated by the Lengor’s ego instigated by obsessive hypnotization mayhem of leadership oddity.  O/C Bangura’s case of injustice was adjourned to January 05, 2010 according to OSD sources.  It seems as if there has been an administrative conspiracy against the Police Chief that triggered the malicious allegations against an officer said to be very loyal to the IG. Thus, they had long planned to get rid of him but were waiting for an opportunity to do so.

The plan to punish O/C Bangura came to pass immediately after the IG Kamara went on a one month vacation. Since his arrest, there has been no strong evidence that ties O/C Bangura to the malicious allegations. According to sources from OSD headquarters, O/C Bayo has always been loyal to his entire superiors regardless of their tribal affiliations. How on earth can a senior officer be arrested, detained, dismissed from work and sent to jail for uninvestigated allegations if there is no prejudice?.

Tribal politics is affecting the police department and the military more than any civilian manned department because it seems as if our political leaders just abandoned the police without supervision like an undomesticated browbeat in the boondocks, which appears to give the department the latitude to be bamboozling the vulnerable like nobody’s business. For the simple fact that in the absence of the IG, Morie Lengor and his co-culprits acted like they were not accountable to anyone and at the same time they bragged for changing the police department just in two weeks after he (Morie Lengor) was acting in the capacity of Inspector General, that alone ought to remind the court system and the general public that the exercise was malicious and should be viewed as an example of hatred policing. That was why the anti IG police officers clearly announced through media outlets that within two weeks after he (Deputy Legor) has taken office, the Deputy IG Lengor has changed the police. Such ridiculous remarks caused them to be seen like trouble makers caught with their pants below their knees, which appears to expose how hateful those around Acha Kamara had been. 

Although the SLPP government of Tejan Kabba was cowardly accused of tribalism but a careful look at the Police Department during the SLPP regime underscores that SLPP was not all that tribalistic as charged by partisan politicians. If the SLPP was a party that puts its tribal wishes above national politics, Mr. Brima Acha Kamara would have not been the nation’s Police Chief because he is a Limba by tribe. Besides, after the APC dumped one time Head of the Special Security Division, Mr. Sima Dumbuya, the SLPP picked him and encouraged him to continue with his services to the nation.

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