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I cross the bridge, there's no more sorrow Across the bridge, there's more tomorrow I cross the bridge, traversing the river flow Across the bridge, a tear drop, sinks below

Two Sierra Leone People’s Party (SLPP) members, former Councilor Edwin Boima and Hon. Foday Rado Yokie of Constituency 068 have clashed in the southern city of Bo following

Jusu Jaka Yawmah (in photo), a Sierra Leonean living in Ghana, and one of the country’s most young talented poets has illuminated his brilliance once more by sharing

One of Sierra Leone's most talented young poets, Jusu Jaka Yawmah, shares with us a second piece of the wonderful poetry from his collection 'Jay's Anthology.' I woke up

Jusu Jaka Yawmah, a Sierra Leonean medical student and aspiring physician currently residing in Ghana, found at the age of 17, during his 5th form at Prince of

If a man defecates in one’s parlour, not only idle eyes would watch him do so comfortably, but the house lord would stump either his back or head.

The unpleasant voice from the megaphone hits the streets of every corner of Freetown Chanting and eulogizing the development-driven pilot of the Flight to a Corrupt City The journey is

Sierra Leonean poets have received international recognition as their poems have been accepted by leading United States publishers who will soon get their anthology published in the USA,