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A Flight to a Corrupt City (FCC): Operation Wan Pot

A Flight to a Corrupt City (FCC): Operation Wan Pot

The unpleasant voice from the megaphone hits the streets of every corner of Freetown

Chanting and eulogizing the development-driven pilot of the Flight to a Corrupt City

The journey is a tedious one as the city which claims to be the cleanest appears


Despite the fact that we now pay taxes that our city

has never known: Sneeze-hard tax, Fart-loud tax, walk-loud tax,

Fat-body tax and many other taxes that should make the city an earthly paradise

Yet the City is a nightmare, a health hazard, a death trap and above all

The dirtiest city after Lagos

The bosses boast of bringing development to the city

And point their corrupt finger at their achievements:

Look at the Clock Tower at Eastern Police,

Look at the market we are building for business Freetown

Look at the roundabouts we have decorated

Look at the beatification of the roundabouts and the Fountains ofHope

That the Cotton Tree is now enjoying

Wow! the city so beautiful like the first Daughter of Angel Gabriel

The City is ineffable, they unashamedly claim

But the Freetonians ask and ask whether the billions of

Leones the Flight to a Corrupt City has collected

achieved only those few great trivialities

The people of the city are disappointed that the money

they pay to the Corrupt City are spent on the

development of the Big Bugs of the City

They are angry because their city is the now

the dirtiest in the whole world since their city Father fathered the City

The Corrupt City uses all unorthodox, sometimes illegal, ways to get

money from even the poor in the guise of taxes

in order to embellish their own pockets and leave the Freetonians to bear the brunt

of the rot, squalor, decay, pungent smell, smoky atmosphere and all other related

situations that act as recipe for a reduced life span

When there is little downpour

go to Kissy Road, Blackhall Road, Eastern Police,

Ferry Junction, Jomo Kenyatta Road,

Mountain Cut, Benjamin Lane, Fourah Bay Road

and all major street s in Freetown

The “undrainaged” Freetonians are drained in all the rivers of Sierra Leone:

River Moa at Eastern Police

River Sewa at BlackHall Road

Great Scarcies at Jomo Kenyatta Road

Little Scarcies at Ferry Junction

River Teyay at Fourah Bay Road

While the empty hopes of the people of Freetown swim in

These rivers

the tinted jeeps of our leaders drive in them with scornful ease

and wave the plight of their subjects away in a absolute abandonment

They say those who do not pay “their taxes” are unpatriotic

But why should you pay money when the “Tu Fut Aratas” are not patriotic enough

To spend the money to improve the lives of the people who pay it?

Instead they spend the money to improve their own social and economic lives

Where has operation “Wan Pot” gone to?

And what have all the Bye Laws 2010 achieved?

The streets are still imbued with all the eye sores they propagated to clear

The barks of the Corrupt city are indeed worse than its bites

The drainage in their developmental brains has wholly blocked

No wonder they cannot provide better drainages for the people of Freetown

That will drainage their lives into a better future

But like Emmerson said: If den yai nor bus den go see am!

Mohamed (Frank) Kunowah-Tinu Kiellow (in photo),  Amsterdam,  The Netherlands

The author is a Dutch-Sierra Leonean lawyer who recently returned from his beloved Mama Salone after having worked there as a Legal and Policy Adviser.

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  • Yankay Seisay, let people say the truth and honestly this story is the real truth about our motherland. I was in Freetown sometime last year and I saw city council staffs harassing a deaf woman for tax, it was so unbeliveable that I have to intervane and paid the said amount on her behalf. But why people pay tax? I need an answer from you.

    Its a shame.

    25th July 2010
  • part of the saboteur group. How many drainages did the previous regime construct . Before you start criticizing. your past is very important for your future . So tell me what and where this city father is to learn from . You making tax payment of five thousand Leone as a waste . Or are you trying to say people should not pay tax ? Is the dilapidation of Freetown drainage system caused overnight. There is work to be done ,so try to be part of the solution not the other way round. Salone men are full of negative raps . you compared Lagos to Freetown yet no Nigerian as gone on line ridiculing Lagos for political gain . Typical Salone man,shame on you.

    24th July 2010

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