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Politicizing the SLMB?

Politicizing the SLMB?

Stakeholders of the Sierra Leone Muslim Brotherhood (SLMB) mission are expected to meet today at the Ministry of Political Affairs to discuss a political deadlock that has sent the mission in disarray.

The proposed meeting follows a report filed by the super-imposed new executive, headed by Alhaji Mohamed A. Kamara, that the constitutionally-elected executive of the President of the Mission, Mohamed A. Kanneh has refused to relinquish their offices despite a recent press release that they have been deposed.

Being an educational mission with numerous schools, I was expecting that such a meeting would have been held at the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology but the mission knows best why it decided to convene the meeting at the Political Affairs Ministry.

But the indisputable fact is that from time immemorial, the National President of the mission and other executive members have always been elected in a convention as Kanneh and his executive were elected in Kenema on the 8th June, 2013. Is it legal for such an executive to be automatically dethroned without the collective knowledge and consent of those who elected it? Besides, Kanneh was never copied the press release of the dethronement of himself and his entire executive, why? How does the purported new executive want Kanneh and his executive to just vacate their offices based on a mere press release without official letters to the effect from the top cadre of the mission? Is that the right procedure to depose a constitutionally-elected National President and his executive?

Moreover, how legal is the Stakeholders Committee which wants to depose Kanneh and impose Alhaji Kamara? Does the constitution of the SLMB give such committee the mandate to summarily dissolve a whole national executive? Has the politics of tribalism, regionalization and marginalization started infiltrating the SLMB? What grievous offences have Kanneh and his executive committed to warrant such abrupt and unlawful removal from their offices. Is that the best way to push the mission forward? Is such action not capable of tearing apart the mission and encouraging anther breakaway faction like the Islamic Call Society (ICS) which is a splinter group of the SLMB?

I am advising the mission stakeholders to settle the political interregnum amicably, impartial, non-politically, non-regionally, non-tribally and in concordance with the sacred constitution of the SLMB.

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