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Mister Idiot – I’m friends with MOD

Mister Idiot – I’m friends with MOD

He asked us to be friends; I honoured the invitation so hurriedly. Hi idiot, I shouted to myself. Why can’t you be friends with Palo, at least he says he is tired of being bashed always for the wrong reasons. He doesn’t like it any more.

The idiot of my journalist, I said what! Could it be that this Defender Mags is out to counter the teeth for tat press around? I thought it is out to paint itself some yellow journalism, but my confidence breathed as he suddenly entreated us with this: “This magazine is christened as the DEFENDER today, Friday March 23, clap 23 to have a better bite on military issues and to defend tailored information going out to replace the classified ones”. Palo says: “You journalists of the Republic should incorporate ethical reporting with two legs of balanced sizes”. Yes, hm hm! Even if it doesn’t have equal seizes, but the sides should be articulated. “I didn’t intend to bother you much this Friday is good as we are making friends today with Editors and Reporters of the various media houses in the country. All I’m asking is please let us be friends”, Palo declares.

With some patience, I said why must he beg of the journalists’ friendship, suddenly, he confesses that he had an experience in the UK wherein a certain newspaper supported a political party leading to that party’s wining of the polls. He said a government can actually lose power through bad press.

I have my apprehensions cleared. At least I tried to understand that the minister just wanted friends if he must succeed in his campaign of rebranding the armed forces and those friends have to be journalists. Don’t say you have not received the hint yet; desist from bad press at least for your own good.

Mr. Idiot has 10 reasons for today’s lesson

10 reasons why those true confession sinners must be arrested and handed over to the International Criminal Court, (ICC):

  1. they are criminals
  2. they are traitors
  3. they are not change Agents
  4. they are spies
  5. they could be used as stooges
  6. they are not patriots
  7. they have the tendency to blackmail any system
  8. their story would influence future generations, if no precedent is set on them
  9. it is cheap for them to escape justice by simply declaring for for the ruling APC
  10. they have the tendency to recruit more state criminals and their initiative would remain a simple model.

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  • You know Mr, Idiot you’re my kind of man coz I am more of an idiot than you so may be we’re brothers from different parents how is that possible please tell me. Some or all of the things you say make sense to no body else but me coz it’s like you taking word from my mouth please dont tell any body this let it remain a secret between us I just cant write articulately like you do.So I pray Allah broadens your knowledge Ameen Ameen so you can continue to speak for idiots like us so that the sense man them go lef we saful in we fool state.


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