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Mr. Idiot – Inquest On NPRC Killing Of 29?

Mr. Idiot – Inquest On NPRC Killing Of 29?

The Idiot was all but bewildered hearing from a man whose father was killed by the National Provisional Ruling Council (NPRC) regime some 19 years ago, telling Sierra Leoneans he is seeking justice for his late father.

Of course, it was all amazing that a Parliamentarian was among the number of individuals bountifully submitting uncountable clapping to the spokesperson of relatives of those 29 killed by the NPRC government in December of 1992.

No surprise to the Idiot at all. And of course, even the current Minister of Information, A-lie-G Lie Bee Kargbo has once told Sierra Leoneans that the APC intends to conduct an investigation on the killing of all 29 people by the NPRC.

No surprise at all that the Idiot was never told there was a press consultation by sons and daughters of late Bambay Kamara and 28 others?

But guess what, just about the commencement of the briefing, persons loyal to the Idiot quickly telephoned him, telling him that one Julius Bambay Kamara, the son of late Bambay Kamara has organized a press conference to pompously tell the media that himself and others are on a mission that is dubbed as ‘TRUTH BE REVEALED.’

Without any wasting of time, the Idiot hurriedly caught at an ‘Okada’ motorcycle and told the rider to quickly ride him to the National Stadium hostel where in fact the press conference was held.

On arrival, the Idiot cunningly occupied seats provided for bereaved family members and pretended as if one of them.

Anyway, don’t blame the Idiot at all. That’s how people with small senses behaved. And as an Idiot, it makes no odd seeing me behaved senselessly.

Indeed the scene was all overcame with cries and laughter anyhow. Bambay Kamara’s son was inundated with unending applauses by mostly persons believed to be members of those killed and supporters of the ruling APC party including Honourable Coleson Turay.

Don’t you dare question what the Idiot says? Honourable Coleson Turay was at the press briefing and was caught on camera; time allowed such will be made available sooner rather than later.

Interesting nevertheless was the fact that in the midst of the ‘wise,’ the Idiot was able to hack information concerning sponsors of the said press conference; sorry you can’t get it from the Idiot, but who di cap fit leh e werr am ya.

Please forgive the Idiot for not giving any financial contribution to relatives of 29 killed by the NPRC.  Be it known that the Idiot is a teacher but is yet to receive ‘kobo’ scent from the announced teacher’s pay package.

Yes, it is required of I, Mr. Idiot make financial contribution to fund raising strides of sons and daughters of 29 Sierra Leoneans killed by a military regime some 19 years ago.

I shall definitely make my own contribution, but will do so after receiving my Le1,200,000 salary promised teachers by the Education Minister, brethren Minkailu Bah.

Albeit a stupid Idiot, I was quick to observe that those who claimed to be relatives of all deceased persons have had the determination to violently or supernaturally deal with any journalist wanting to ask unfavorable question to their spokesman Julius Bambay Kamara.

In fact, even if the Idiot had attempted asking any question, nobody would have bothered to listen to the nonsense he would have said.

Anyway, just about five minutes to the end, the Idiot wasted no time but left the hall, took a motorcycle and get back to his office cubicle at …to explain to his boss how it all happened there.

Soon after he left the scene, his phone rings again. “Hello,” the Idiot said, “who’s that talking to the Idiot.” “It’s me Mr. Idiot,” the caller replied. “A journalist has been attacked by relatives of those killed by the NPRC because he asked a question that is adverse to them.”

There you are. How can a journalist be subjected to threat for merely asking a question? Could not what the international community is trying to avert, slowly be taking hold in our society?

Nonsense, and the Idiot is hopeful that on the return of President Koroma from New York, he will unquestionably not tolerate war mongers ignite unrest in this our beloved country anymore.

Of course, as an Idiot, I have had nowhere to go and would rather die than allow those who say are ‘wise men’ alight civil unrest at all.

My people, would it amaze you that the United Nations, British High Commission and United States Embassy in Sierra Leone are against the new beginning and revitalization of a longed put to rest problem?

The Idiot knows you won’t, because you’ve already put that to rest soon after the TRC completes it findings some years ago.

But trust the Idiot, there shall be no inquest for those killed by the NPRC; the TRC has settled that long ago.

Just as late Bambay Kamara’s son said: “we will not hesitate to submit our complaint to the international court of justice should Sierra Leone government not take it serious,” better so and why not do it now; “take your case to the ICJ and stop reminding Sierra Leoneans of their bad past please.”

Is it true also that hundreds of millions leones have been dished into coffers of those claiming to be relatives of 29 killed, so that they can continue to engage minds of the electorates on the issue surrounding the said killings?

The Idiot will virtually not subscribe to such ventures at all. And let it be known however that the Association of Idiots (AOI) has resolved at appointing the son of late Bambay Kamara as its next President owing to his verbal display of grammar in the midst of educated media practitioners.

He will be sworn into office soon after the 2,000 tons of rice received from Guinea are put to the market for sale.

It is always the tradition of Idiots that anytime a President is sworn into office, there is merriment; food, drinks and other eatable items are sufficiently provided.

And once the 2,000 tons of rice reach the markets, it is sure the price of rice will be reduced and the swearing in ceremony of the newly appointed President of Idiots, Julius Bambay Kamara will surely come to pass.

Even though Alpha Kanu is yet to tell Mr. Idiot when the rice would be available in the markets, information reaching his twitter box completely say the opposite concerning the rice.

Anyway, and no matter the delay, the recent appointment of Julius Bambay Kamara as President of the Association of Idiots is irrevocable and unchanging.

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  • Mr.Idiot, Are you a journalist for the SLpp party or are you just one of those corrupt SIERRA LEONEAN (if at all) that choose to destabilize the hard working team of the APC Government?. Mr. Idiot, I am very aware of your character. You get carried away by stupid and false information made against the APC Party or the President himself but “OLD BOY” keep your cool. You have lost the plot.WE have known your style and it will never work. How dare you making fun of Sierra Leone mosr vigilant Information Minister’s name as A-lie-G-lie-Bee Kargbo. very cheeky of you,He is Alhaji Ibrahim Ben Kargbo is old enough to be your father, You only want to make a mockery of yourself. but if you dont becareful I will soon send you to Yayah Jammeh of Gambia for a two weeks workshop on Ninja type of journalism. We are aware that you make complaints a lot about people attacking you for the President sake as die hards boys of the PA. .. no. no. no. no.. no..QUITE WRONG, We like constructive journalism that can lead Sierra leone to higher heights not your own style of attacking only APC individuals, APC ministers, party admirers/family members, Guinea rice, funny land stories, national stadium fights and so on and so forth,. Thanks to Awoko, Awareness times, Cocorioko, Exclusive etc. etc have lifted the banner of journalism in our country Sierra leone.

    29th September 2011

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