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Mister Idiot : His interview with Fox Radio, Part III

Mister Idiot : His interview with Fox Radio, Part III

DJ Fox: Ladies and gentlemen of this beloved land, Fox Radio believes that this land is supreme and in spite of the many challenges it is facing it desires to grow. Therefore no one man or woman can hold us to ransom. Now Mr. Idiot, guess what…?

Mr. Idiot: What?

DJ Fox: Sierra Leoneans these days are not starved of information. It is therefore a no surprise that some people have got hold of my phone number through which they’ve been sending text messages to me.

Mr. Idiot: Well that tells you that when the people are in a crazy hunt for information they will go all out to get it. This is so because information is vital to man’s very survival.

DJ Fox: Now Chief Idiot if you were to meet the Liberator and you were asked to frankly share your thoughts with him, what would you say to him?

Mr. Idiot: This is a very intriguing but interesting question. I think I would tell him that leadership is a game of chess. When you are humping you see all the possible innings with descriptive wonder notes, but when you are the opponent, you become a proponent.

Secondly, I would tell him that the cat would always have an opportunity to gain a spare meal if only one can give cause to empathy, meaning that he cannot continue to be overzealous with some unprogressive noise makers in his northern dominated cabinet.

Thirdly, I would tell that he has manufactured and is busy pampering a lot of sacred cows, goats, sheep and even sacred fouls and rats.

Fourthly, I will tell him that the attitudinal and behavioral change has failed woefully.

DJ Fox: (Hurriedly intercepting him). Well, well, well, listeners, Mr. Idiot has actually been lighting our studios with a lot of excitement. Reacting to his theories I have been bombarded with a lot of interesting text messages. Oh my God! I just can’t suppress all of them. Let me read out some:

Hi DJ Fox, thanks for hosting this wonderful media icon on the show. You know, by his name one would take him for a fool, but with his learned expositions he is an institution of wisdom. This texter is anonymous.

Hi DJ Fox, Mr. Idiot is great. This is the type of democracy citizens of this land has been craving for, free speech, fair an objective analysis, so keep it up (anonymous)

Hi Fox, Mr. Idiot can analyse better than our so called social or political or economic commentators. Let him help us understand why the Father of the historic City of Freetown should not replace him as the actual idiot. This texter is also anonymous.

Next text reads. Hi Fox, Mr. Idiot is a stupid wise man playing a mono focal craft with his philosophical forays. We have to wait and see if he will continue to be this fair if the SLPP bounces back to power in 2012. This texter signs as Insha Alhahu.

Another text reads. DJ Fox, the question is not about the radio being a pirate station; rather what matters is the fact that you are doing a patriotic service to the nation. Signed Alpheons.

Chief Idiot I think you have to respond to some of these text messages.

Mr. Idiot: Thanks Fox. These are quite interesting texts. I have no problem with anybody. Whenever a person is bold enough to point the things that are not going on well, the thing is for him or her to be labeled as either being a Green or a Red member. Trust me man, Mr. Idiot is neutral and independent. As for the City Mayor what I know for sure is that he is a scoop but he cannot definitely replace me because he really does not have the capacity to think beyond the Freetown City Council accounts.

DJ Fox: Mr. Idiot, you should be in position to answer this question as a media folk and a patriot, so to speak. Should we hold our leaders accountable…?

Mr. Idiot: (Interjects). Acc-oun-table! Yes, but I think the question should be how do we hold these jokers accountable?

DJ Fox: You’re quite right because we see of late the Mayor is shrouded in a lot of unexplained circumstances that have actually smeared his reputation.

Mr. Idiot: You may be partly right, but please allow me to do little more research on this subject. You should know that I am an authority and therefore I cannot say things I do not have proof of.

DJ Fox: Wow, ladies and gentlemen, stay fixed as we entreat you with the song titled “We Dae  Gee Dem Notice,” done for us by the Political Gina Musa, a man called Innocent.

Stay tuned to this fine frequency.

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