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October 2017

Whether you love him or loathe him, the name, Pastor Victor Ajisafe, the Nigerian-born preacher of the Sanctuary Praise Church at King Harman Road in Freetown has sometimes generated controversies. For his disciples though, controversies

For more than two decades, Sierra Leoneans in the Diaspora has been shaped by periods of intense political and tribal partisans across the globe, ignoring their fundamental value of patriotism and nationalism. Even though I

The furore that has followed the recent protestations of Pastor Ajisafe (in photo) has been well documented. To call it a crisis may look far-fetched, and to call it a stir would equally pass for

Chairman of the National Telecommunications Commission (NATCOM), Momoh Konteh, has assured journalists in Makeni that Government has no plans to ban social media in the country. Speaking at the Annual General Meeting of the Sierra Leone

The Body of Christ has said that Evangelist Victor Ajesafe of the Christ Revival Evangelistic Ministry aka Sanctuary Praise Church regretted over his recent utterances that did not go down well among followers of Islam

Many Sierra Leoneans are worried as to why popular and influential politicians in the All Peoples Congress (APC) party are giving way to less experienced politician like the Presidential Guard, Alex Alim Bangura (Attouga) with

As Sierra Leoneans are expected to hold their Presidential, Parliamentary and Local Councils elections come March 7th 2018, the Sierra Leone Judiciary will hold a special training for old and new judges to properly address

As part of their oversight function, the Parliamentary Oversight Committee on Labour and Industrial Relations on Monday 18th September 2017, ordered Addax Bioenergy to pay the sum of 2.2 Billion Leones for failing to adhere

Many people in the All Peoples Congress (APC) party have expressed belief that the position of the organizing Secretary is not strange to comrade Alhaji Mohamed Dondondo Bangura (in photo) though a challenging one. During his

In a bid to complement Government’s effort and the people of Sierra Leone in order to achieve food self-sufficiency and fulfill the country’s commitment which is to achieve Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) that aimed at

Over 5,000  young and adult supporters of the All Peoples Congress (APC) in their red T. Shirts last Sunday were singing and dancing with the aspiring Councilor for Ward 401 in Constituency 122, Hassan Kamara

Senessie M. Bibo, a native born of Segbwema town, Njaluahun Chiefdom, Kailahun District in the eastern part of Sierra Leone has proclaimed in Waterloo City where he lives presently that as a brother of the

Investigation mounted by this medium has revealed that the country’s National Insurance Company (NIC) has now become an idle ground as there is little or no work left for them to do. This, according to

Assalamualaikum! Peace be with you fellow Sierra Leoneans. I am a Muslim and I love my Christian brothers and sisters and nothing will change that, not the least the Pastor Victor Ajesafe (in photo) discordant

According to Timothy 1:5-7 NKJV “ now the purpose of the commandment is love from a pure heart, from a good conscience, and from sincere faith, from which some, having strayed, have turned aside to