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January 2013

The night I visited Sierra Leone Naval Base at Gbangbatoke in Moyamba District, I was left with no alternative but to reach the conclusion that the soldier commanding the base is a classical example of

Traffic Wardens are reported to be seriously undermining the ongoing Operation WID that was recently launched by President Ernest Bai Koroma in Freetown, the capital of Sierra Leone, Alford Dillet reports. Operation WID has been launched

President Ernest Bai Koroma late last week announced majority of his nominations for his new cabinet. Again, as is always expected, there are some ministers from the old cabinet who are retained in their incumbent

Operation WID has been an occasion of joy and sorrow. The ongoing operation launched by His Excellency the president, Ernest Bai Koroma, to sanitize Freetown has left many Sierra Leoneans weeping bitterly and many others

Koidu Limited, a subsidiary of Octea Mining is alleged to be in the habit of illegally and unlawfully dismissing its staff.  This time they have dismissed Mr. Mani Brima, a Mechanic Foreman. According to him, he

As a way of combating the heightened spate of tax evasion undermining the National Revenue Authority (NRA) revenue generating efforts, the Authority has established an independent intelligence and investigative unit to deal with tax evaders. The

Patriotic Professor Parrot is frustrated over the dramatic decline of our educational standard from hero to zero, from Athens to where we are. Mass failure in public exams has become the order of the day. Therefore,

As Operation WID goes full swing, we have started receiving unpleasant reports of violent confrontations the police and traders, the  most recent being the disgraceful incident at Rawdon Street where an aggrieved Lebanese businessman had

Freetown – The Sierra Leone Association of Journalists (SLAJ) wishes to express its utter consternation and indignation at the behaviour of some policemen against journalist Ibrahim Samura, editor of the Freetown-based daily Satellite Newspaper. In his

The ongoing Operation Waste Disposal and Management, Improved Road Safety and Decongestion of City Streets (Operation WID) is reported to have reached a very violent dimension as a Lebanese business magnate publicly slapped a police

Mr. Eddie K. Stanley was well-known as a very intriguing commentator who earned himself accolades for his “Telling It as It is” kind of disposition in his style of writing. He was detailed-oriented and very

As part of its month-long post-election outreach campaign, the Attitudinal and Behavioural Change (ABC) Secretariat on Tuesday 8th January 2013 visited three (3) secondary schools and one popular Ataya Base joint in the Kenema City. 

I am an aficionado of President Koroma, just as I am, to Vice President Sam Sumana. Despite this, I also have good friends in other parties. Interesting friends I must say. I know not, John

My people!! I was bamboozled and heartbroken to read an ominous Press Release from the University of Sierra Leone titled ‘Education and the Rule of Law’ in the morning hours of Tuesday the 9th of

It was the writer of the Book of Ecclesiastics in the Holy Bible who stated that  I am not a journalist nor ever claimed to be one, but I have been involved in the business