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SLPP’s John B S Tucker on tribe and politics

SLPP’s John B S Tucker on tribe and politics

I am an aficionado of President Koroma, just as I am, to Vice President Sam Sumana. Despite this, I also have good friends in other parties. Interesting friends I must say. I know not, John B S Tucker, a member of the SLPP but I have also become an admirer of him given his most recent patriotic and nationalistic approach to issues of national interest, being his commendation for President Ernest Koroma for promptly acting towards addressing hate speech, regional and tribal messages, coming from especially SOME sections of the opposition. John B S Tucker is a key strategist for the opposition SLPP during the November polls and especially for that party’s recent past flagbearer, Julius Bio. Julius Bio was defeated by over a 20% margin, by incumbent Ernest Bai Koroma.  John B S Tucker is no supporter of President Ernest Bai Koroma. His political views, beliefs and ideologies are quite different from those of the President. So in theory and in practice, he is a political opponent of the President. But his being an opponent has some greatness in it, as someone that has his country’s interest at heart.  (Photo: John Pa Baimba Sesay, IA, China)

John Tucker’s recent action of commending President Koroma for standing tall in condemning tribal hate speech and even his (JT) own effort in also condemning tribalism is of  help to the country, given our sad history.  In a recent interview with Awareness Times’ publisher, JT  ‘saluted’ the President for his acting in a “timely and statesmanship” manner for reassuring that his government will never target South Easterners and the Mende tribe. For John Tucker, tribalism and regionalism will divide Sierra Leone and can even lead into some kind of civil war that will be hard and difficult to control and as such, reactions to such an issue must be speedy and the “president is right to condemn and take to book anyone who provoking such strong issue…” No doubt this young brother was full of praise for His Excellency the President especially when he told Sylvia Blyden that he believes the “President wants to leave behind a legacy of good governance and a united country with equal opportunities to all who deserves it…” As a country, Sierra Leone has come a long way and not withstanding our different political beliefs and ideologies, we must make every effort to be united and see how we could foster our development efforts, devoid of our political beliefs. In this, the role of the media is as crucial and prominent as that of every sector in society. The use of tribal and regional card by any given political entity to gain political power and sympathy is just too unacceptable, given our sad history as a country. The government of President Koroma is determined to always bring Sierra Leoneans together. Take a look at his appointment of government Ministers and even heads of departments and parastatals. So for anyone to even imagine, that the Mendes are not liked by THIS President is not only literally suicidal and wicked, but one that is geared towards dividing Sierra Leone.

The opposition parties have a crucial role in our development, but they should now come to terms with current realities in Sierra Leone. This is more so with the main opposition party. They should know they were defeated and democratically it was done.  The President has rightly put it that he is “not a second ballot President…” as he won “at the first ballot in a contest with nine presidential candidates. Such a first ballot victory in Sierra Leone can only happen if Mendes and South-Easterners voted for me in large numbers…” But their defeat does not in any way imply a defeat against a given region; rather it is a victory for the entire country.  John B S Tucker’s intervention as a strong SLPP member, in commending the President for effectively addressing this issue, is as timely and mostly appropriate as the very need for him to remain focused and give his best to the growth and development of Sierra Leone. The interest of Sierra Leone supersedes any other interest and JT is aware of this.

Tribe and politics should be avoided for the good of our country. This is my view.

Happy weekend.

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  • An interesting piece…….I should say, am impressed by the action of John Tucker in condemning tribalism..this is what has been affecting our party slpp….I am a strong slpp supporter but I think we need to rethink our strategy in wanting to win elections…….good points John Tucker…only hope you will remain in this great party……

    11th January 2013
  • It is hypocritical for any like-minded person to even imsgine that Tribal politics could be easily addressed in Sierra leone.After EKB’s 2012 Election victory, the tone of voice of most pro-APC media outlets have mellowed & watered down on provocative insult to become more reconciliatory. Like it or not; APC will never be the same after EKB second & final term.
    The Vice president does not have a stronge political base to succeed EKB apart from his Monolog brother Tam’s “RADIO DEMOCRAZY”.If we want to develop as a country and people of different tribal identities, we have to change our political philosophies with little or less emphasy on tribalism.
    After spending over 30 years in the US, I feel disheartened to observe that most Sierra Leoneans of younger generations ignorantly assume you are an SLPP member if you of Southeastern origin or an APC if you are of Northwestern origin.
    Government, being the largest employer in so-called capitalist oriented free market economy, people can say or do anything to support the party in power for survival instinct.No wonder, most faces in the current APC were once ardent supporters of SLPP when in power.
    When will this trend stop?

    10th January 2013

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