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February 2012

As an African visiting Beijing, Turay’s Africa House is one of great places you will want to visit for a number of reasons. Travelling from, say, Sierra Leone to China within 20 hours or so,

February 2, 2012 - “We promised to improve the quality of life of our people, and we are doing so… We are not making promises on what we will do. You see what we have

Sierra Leone is being gripped by electioneering fever for both presidential and parliamentary elections before the end of 2012. But how do our people view politics and politicians? "Politics (from Greek "of, for, or relating to

AC Milan young Sierra Leonean midfielder, Rodney Strasser has declared to Sierra Express Media UK that Milan is his second home where he is looking forward to reuniting with his teammates when he recovers from

Celtic striker Mohamed Bangura has been ruled out for up to 16 weeks because of a knee injury. The former AIK player moved to Celtic in the summer but has seen his career in Glasgow interrupted

Sierra Leonean gospel singer Giileh, set the pace for gospel musicians on Friday December 23rd, 2011 amidst, the festive celebrations of weddings, office parties, and nightclubs in Sierra Leone, where she performed live at the

INDIAFRICA: A Shared Future, which aims to create a dynamic platform for students and professionals across India and Africa to collaborate through competition, innovation and entrepreneurship. INDIAFRICA comprises a multidisciplinary contest series, in the areas of

African folklore will be teaching modern business leaders how to deal with the risks of running a business in the economic downturn at the London film premiere of the first UK Risk Management training film

“Though camouflaged as Section 136 of the Criminal Procedure Act of 1965; it seems a judicial ambush; a hidden legal trap though,” a court visitor said. Wednesday, February 1st saw Aziz Carew, an accused, charged with

Consequent to Ahmadiyah Muslim Jamat holding of its 51st Jalsa-thalaana anniversary conference in Bo, President Koroma receives salutation from residents. The Bo conference starts at 10 a.m. this morning.  It is expected that President Koroma will

3rd February 2012, Freetown – Airtel Sierra Leone today took a significant step towards building the largest 3G network across Africa by announcing the launch of its 3G mobile platform in the country, which promises

The Government of Sierra Leone under the leadership of Ernest Bai Koroma enhanced funds for the rehabilitation of roads in all provincial cities, headquarter towns and a number of other provincial towns. Work has already

The Sierra Leone Red Cross Society Tuesday 31 celebrated 50 years of existence at a ceremony held the British Council hall in Freetown. In his measurement, the Head of Communication Sierra Leone Red Cross, Patrick Massaquoi

Forgetfulness, as preached to the Idiot, amounts to reckless stupidity. It is so because he who forgets has no memory. Just as political parties overindulge into brutal activities, so has the Idiot intensifies is stance on exposing

A weeklong conference on development and transformation of Sierra Leone is underway in Freetown. This aims at mapping the journey to getting Sierra Leone to a middle income nation. What an ambition. This writer, a