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We need a peaceful 2012 elections in Sierra Leone

We need a peaceful 2012 elections in Sierra Leone

Sierra Leone is being gripped by electioneering fever for both presidential and parliamentary elections before the end of 2012. But how do our people view politics and politicians?

“Politics (from Greek “of, for, or relating to citizens”) is a process by which groups of people make collective decisions. The term is generally applied to the art or science of running governmental or state affairs, including behaviour within civil government, but also applies to institutions, fields, and special interest groups such as the corporate, academics and religious segments of society. It consists of “social relations involving authority or powerand refers to the regulation of public affairs within a political unit, and to the methods and tactics used to formulate and apply policy”.

Why should politics in Africa and in many parts of the world synonymous to brutality, tyranny or deceit? The above extract from Wikipedia-Free dictionary explicitly defined the word politics. Therefore, politics is not to be viewed as a satanic concept and so who ever involves in the running of state affairs falls on that category.

History has taught us how politics helped to develop or destroy nations. A good political party and its politicians (groups of people make collective decisions), who devote time and effort in advancing the status of its state and people in all aspects of life, such parties and politicians won the minds of their people and even the world. The Americans, the French, the Germans, the Scandinavians, the Japanese, the Chinese etc…. have and are producing politicians who will carry on the course of their people. Politics is not “the art of destroying lives and property” but “the art of running governmental or state affairs” and nothing less. On the contrary, a bad political party and its politicians always work against the aspirations of its state and people. Parties and politicians of these kinds are in the dark records of history. They have wrecked development and progress for their people and state. They therefore bought the anger and hate of the citizens.

The scare of being a politician or joining political parties is growing day by day in my country Sierra Leone for a number of reasons. 1) Politicians are considered to be big liars and embezzlers of state funds. 2) Seekers of personal interests and 3) bullies of opponents. Well, if these are the characteristics of a politician in the eyes of the public, then political parties are running into trouble with the people’s mandate.

It is important for the Sierra Leone media to gear all its might in enlightening the populace on the importance of joining or supporting politicians and political parties that stand to alleviate the long suffering of the people and the state. Sierra Leone can’t afford to be wrecked by satanic forces of murderers of innocent citizens, dangerous rouges, tribalism and social injustice. Voting in the leader and the party that cares for the people is a national right.

By Sorie Ibrahim Kanu – Saudi Arabia

The author is the Chairman for the All People’s Congress Party (APC) Saudi Arabia Chapter.

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  • People all over the world will now share your sentiments about politicians.
    Most of them, driven by ambitious dreams of success were bought and sold early in their careers. It nearly happened to me in the 60s in UK.
    Few English politicos can resist the City’s money – see the recent online discussions on the banking crisis, in Economist, FT and the Guardian.
    I’m an English teacher in Turin working online in support of HURRARC, a Sierra Leone NGO now launching a big farming project in the Kono area. I hope to put an appeal soon on the website HURRARC.org
    Please let us know what you think about our work. We need feedback from diasporan Africans like you.

    13th July 2012
  • May God Almighty Bless us all,{ All Sierra Leonean} In the 2012 election. We need no fighting and no Palaver.

    9th May 2012

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