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Mr. Idiot: Ahead of Elections 2012

Mr. Idiot: Ahead of Elections 2012

Forgetfulness, as preached to the Idiot, amounts to reckless stupidity.

It is so because he who forgets has no memory.

Just as political parties overindulge into brutal activities, so has the Idiot intensifies is stance on exposing wrongs of violators.

Down to memory lane anyway! All throughout 2011, elections held came out with violence. Not one was reported peaceful.

And it is as a result of this that the Idiot has resolved to launch a campaign for the ‘closing down of political violence’ at elections once and for all.

He will surely not give blind eye to it at all.

Just when it was told that there was reported violence during the bi-elections in ward 369, the Idiot was left without option but say to himself: ‘Sierra Leone is heading for doom.’

 His message is that all must come together and think peace not violence.

For he (Mr. Idiot) was thought how to warn first, and act later.

‘No to violence’ he says. But the stubborn ones will squarely be dealt with.

Tell it to all that the Idiot has set the stage for peace; and if anyone dare go against his avowed venture, he will surely not let him/her walk free street of this country.

He has resolved to caning violators/ perpetrators of political violence.

But for the politicians, he has asked the Special Court to prosecute all found overindulging into inhuman conducts.

His thoughts are that the politicians must be the true arbiters of peace.

The time is near, and all must come together for the goodness of all.

It sounds too strange hearing that the politicians have had the habits of paying youths to attack opponent party supporters.

Those days are gone; 2012 is singularly a different case.

And to all in ward 369, you have been warned; avoid violence.

Tell your boys however that the 2012 election has no room for violence as usually the case.

Was not it reported that a whole member of parliament was accused of inflicting injury on the left hand of an opponent political party member?

Wrong though! This is why the Idiot respectfully asks all relay messages of peace to the politicians, and caution them refrain from violence, or will not be voted for by the Idiots.

Fellow countrymen, it is with regret that the Idiot of a type declares that he will not sit by and see a repeat of Kenya in Sierra Leone.

Thank God the Special Court is here- in Sierra Leone.

Violent politicians shall have to answer to their doings there. All found culpable shall unfailingly be prosecuted.

And surely, the Idiot will be first to take the witness box- no doubt at all.

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