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“The best evidence is an original document or physical display of facts,” words of an investigative journalist, Ray Fitzwalter, who helped unmasked the Poulson scandal. Quote as said above

Hustlers, people call them, are the ‘attack collect’ and ‘defend collect’ journalists. No wonder, writers have described a journalist as ‘one who contributes to the periodic press either for

Following Sierra Express Media’s FrontPage exposure of red raw germ infested ‘Star Beer’ filled sealed bottles, bar owner (name withheld) was observed at the editor’s desk to explain

The drink ‘Star Beer’ brewed and bottled by the Sierra Leone Brewery seemed to carry particles having the tendency to act as a potent poison in systems of

Violence Mares FBC Elections The long awaited Student’s Union election at Fourah Bay College has been marred by violence last Friday 2010. Some non-violent students who witnessed the electioneering

Many of us who had interest in the recent series of attacks on the long and venerated character of one of Sierra Leones finest and locally brewed products-Star

Cleric Minister Alhaji, Hon Alpha Kanu: a disgrace! You certainly could not beat it! That a man of public character, one time spokesperson for the ruling All People’s Congress,

The Pull Him Down Syndrome commonly called PhD is not a peculiar phenomenon in Sierra Leone. It is something that is on the increase in Sierra Leone on