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Mr. Express 1-28-10

Mr. Express 1-28-10

Cleric Minister Alhaji, Hon Alpha Kanu: a disgrace!

You certainly could not beat it! That a man of public character, one time spokesperson for the ruling All People’s Congress, former Minister in the Office of the President and Public Affairs and now the all important Minister of Mineral Resources; an Alhaji and revered cleric can stand in the open and confess to being a maverick and smooth lair whist on duty to his (personal whim, employer’s?) country.

Whilst this was going my dear reader, Mr. Express did miss to see how much President Ernest Bai Koroma was upset by the fact that one of his highly rated Ministers in the Person of Alhaji (the Cleric) Hon. Alpha Kanu seated next to him could go offbeat to telling the whole world “I have been a liar all my life”. His slighted employer; the president just sat there, shook his head and shifted severely in his seat wondering what a big mistake it is to not only have a lying Minister but a lying Minister who can admit to lying in public and be proud of it-what a shame!  

Guess What? Mr. Express was privy to the secret fact that the president ever so waited and relished the moment of reprimand for his lying Minister in camera but in full view of other Ministers, MPs and other seniors citizens.    

But what about this solemn truth: the Mr. Honorable who once saw himself as the Alpha and Omega in the APC has been having countless of nightmares for his uninterrupted lying confession in public?

Contaminated Star Beer: a mockery!

Mr. Express has noticed with consternation that news has been going round about purportedly contaminated star beer products that carry scary objects like roaches, condoms (used?) biscuit packets and star beer bottled in a different product bottle.

Gosh it is certainly so, so scary and beats Mr. Express’ imagination that such a widely patronized product could carry such creepy indictments!

But Hmm! Let’s face it dear reader: is it plausible for a brewery to bottle condoms. How did the bottling machine fit the condoms, biscuit packets-blah blah blah into the tiny pin hole of the Star Beer bottle? Big question!

Mr. Express wants to ask you: why not look at it from the perspective of sabotage! A few corrupt and lazy staffers are sacked from the company and bottles of contaminated beer products with no clue of how such could happen at the factory start to appear not in general sale but to one man who it thought holds the secret to the very contaminated product; more so when he has a record of such sleazy and grubby acts.

Well Mr. Express was hoping that more and more of the cockroaches and Sierra Leone Brewery “condom Beers” surface in many other places and to other customers – but none is yet to come up. What infamy and ignominy plus shame.

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