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President of the National Youth Coalition, Ishmael Al-Sankoh Conteh (in photo), has called on President Koroma to unconditionally reinstate Allieu Sesay as head of the National Revenue Authority

It has reached desks of this press that there is a ‘cold war’ between the acting Commissioner General of the National Revenue Authority (NRA) and the head of

Reinstate Allieu Sesay - Now!  It is now the business of the Searching man to shout calling on the reinstatement of Allieu Sesay to his position as Director General

High Court’s acquittal of Allieu Sesay and five others apparently educates the easy to fool society (journalists’ all-encompassing) that not all investigated and prosecuted by the Anti Corruption

High Court’s acquittal of Allieu Sesay (in photo), his wife and three others has left the Anti Corruption Commission without option but pretends launching an appeal; unwitting and

The recent court acquittal of Allieu Sesay and four others seemingly ushers hope that the Sierra Leone Judiciary is on the road to impartiality and justice for all.  Yes,

Real time revelations of tax and duty waiver in respect of Harmony Trading Company, explain how David O. Carew, then Minister of Finance and Development, authorized erstwhile NRA

Tuesday 23rd was a ‘black day’ for staff of the National Revenue Authority (NRA) when three of their colleague workers were frog matched to CID headquarters to answer

Legal counsel for the indicted National Revenue Authority Commissioner General (NRA), Allieu Sesay (in photo), has questioned the 57 count charges put forward by the Anti Corruption Commission