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Le 2,746,813,483.44 Duty Waiver – Harmony, NRA, Finance Liars…

Le 2,746,813,483.44 Duty Waiver – Harmony, NRA, Finance Liars…

Real time revelations of tax and duty waiver in respect of Harmony Trading Company, explain how David O. Carew, then Minister of Finance and Development, authorized erstwhile NRA head, Allieu Sesay, to initiate action as above.  (Photo:  Sylvanus Junior Koroma, brother of President Ernest Bai Koroma)

In a letter dated 16th March 2009, No. MF-PD 203/77/01 Vol.1, it is stated that the subsequent Minister of Finance, David O. Carew, upon instruction from government unlawfully granted tax and duty waiver to the company of the younger brother of President Koroma worth millions of dollars for rice imported.

It was all deceitful that even though senior officials of the National Revenue Authority and Ministry of Finance are quite plugged into tax and duty waiver concession given to the company of the brother of the President, none could admit to our reporter, but instead denied having any knowledge to such.

NRA Commissioner for Monitoring Research and Development, Santos Kamara, shamelessly told our reporter Arthur Caulker that he is unaware of duty waiver given Harmony Trading.

He further said that he did not at all know any person by the name Sylvanus Koroma.

Of course, things went rotten minutes after the Deputy Commissioner of Custom, Abdul Finoh, confirmed emphatically that no person or organization shall benefit duty waiver if goods imported has no benefit to society.

“The President as an individual doesn’t have right to duty waiver but his office. His family, in no way will influence duty waiver concession if goods so imported have no direct benefit to society,” words of the borku talk NRA Deputy Commissioner.

It is, but awkward that senior officials could vehemently tell lies to a journalist on an issue that has extreme public concern.

Sierra Express Media has documentary evidence nakedly exposing fishy games of officials of Finance, the Accountant General and senior officials of NRA respectively.

It is also glaring that on 16th March 2009, Minister David O. Carew wrote a strongly worded letter, authorizing the head of NRA to liaise with the office of the Accountant General in fast tracking required general entries for duty waiver of Le 2,746,813,483.44 to million dollars goods imported by the company of President Koroma’s younger brother, Sylvanus Junior Koroma.

Citations as are in articles published by both the Awareness Times and Global Times Newspapers exposed government’s wretched corruption overindulgence in the awarding of duty concession to the company of the brother of President Koroma.

It was in one of Awareness Times articles SLPP J.J Saffa was quoted as saying “the SLPP is disillusioned that the almost one million dollars waiver Sylvanus Koroma’s company granted, was signed on the day after President Koroma returned home to meet the same Sylvanus Koroma publicly indicted as amongst those who had allegedly led an attack on the SLPP party offices the Friday before.”

The conspiracy between government, Finance Ministry, National Revenue Authority, Anti Corruption Commission, and Harmony Trading Company professed minutes after senior public officers woefully lied to our reporter.

At the Finance Ministry, we spoke with the Deputy Secretary Revenue and Tax Division, David John Cooper, who in lieu of others, said he has watched through all file but have seen nothing concerning duty waiver awarded to harmony Trading.

Unconfirmed source has told this press that the dissolved Harmony Trading came as a result of conspiratorial manipulation to fleece this country of money to the tune of a million or more dollars.

That it was changed to Sierra Commodity and later awarded the contract for the supply of rice to the military.

Again, investigations carried show how the Army rice contract was first awarded to a company called African Sunshine, but unwarrantedly withdrawn owing to political pressures from the brother of the President.

Facts, as gathered, disclosed how Sylvanus Koroma has been arrogantly attacking senior officials of the military, accusing and lavishing invectives at them because they did not give him the contract for the supply of rice to the Army.

That upon pressures from higher quarters, the contract which was already given African Sunshine was withdrawn and passed onto the brother of President Koroma.

Our next pick is: President’s Rice for President’s Brother Trust us.

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