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Allieu Sesay’s acquittal is an eye opener!

Allieu Sesay’s acquittal is an eye opener!

High Court’s acquittal of Allieu Sesay and five others apparently educates the easy to fool society (journalists’ all-encompassing) that not all investigated and prosecuted by the Anti Corruption Commission (ACC) are blameworthy of corruption allegation.

In the well of the court there is always ‘equity’ – evenhandedness, impartiality, fair-mindedness etc.

And be it known to the greenhorns that the court is not about who wins, but who gets fair justice.

In the past, up until the moment of the High Court’s recent acquittal of the suspended Commissioner General of the National Revenue Authority (NRA), Sierra Leoneans have been made to accept as true that persons accused of corruption by the ACC, are corrupt and must never be made free or allowed to walk out of courts in liberty, but as convicts – pay fines or serve sentences at the Central Maximum Prison.

That person(s) arraigned before the court(s) on account of corruption allegation(s) by the ACC automatically become convict(s) – wrong, not so at all.

Of course, public’s assessment however indicates that the recent High Court acquittal of Allieu, his wife and three others, illustrates the obvious that not all accused of corruption are corrupt.

Sierra Express Media, on numerous occasions, has published in its local as well as online newspaper, stories compelling officials of the ACC indicting Allieu and others for corruption as was professed by them.

Indeed he was together with his wife and others brought before the High Court on 57 count charges.

The trial took about a year. And just two weeks ago, a judgment which goes to the favour of Allieu was submitted by Justice Eku Robert.

Even though officials of the ACC circulate information that High Court’s freeing of the suspended NRA Commissioner General and others seemed unfair, digested study of contents in the pages of the court’s ruling point out that prosecutors of the ACC have got nothing to convince the court that persons arraigned as accused are culpable of offences charged.

To this came the reflection of what the law has described as ‘evidence.’

That evidence is the means by which all facts or points in issue relevant to the charge is proved or disproved in manner complying with the rules of the subject.

Yet, if officials of the ACC who acs as complainants failed to prove beyond doubt that Allieu and four others are culpable of offences charged, it is unavoidable that the benefit goes to the accused.

By the above definition it is but warranting though that critics of recent High Court decision should first of all examine contents in pages of High Court’s ruling before unknowingly or blindly saying things that go against the reputation of not just the court, but Sierra Leone as a nation.

It is the belief of Sierra Express Media that the court exists for justice. That for society to have trust in the judiciary, ‘equity’ must be seen in the wells of Magistrates, High, Appeal and Supreme Courts respectively.

Months prior to Allieu’s exoneration of 57 count charges, a school bursar in Makeni was also acquitted of 65 counts corruption charges.

Nobody, not even officials of the ACC coughed a single word in opposition of the ruling of the Makeni High Court.

Information reaching this press states that officials of the ACC are frightened over High Court’s freeing of Allieu, and four others on 57 count charges of corruption owing to lack of evidence.

It is no more a secret that the ACC Commissioner takes home Le 48 million every month- comparably US$ 12,000 cash.

Sources have it that the ACC big man has had sleepless night meditating government’s contemplation in terminating his services following society’s conviction that he is truly an underperformer.

That the fact that the ACC, in a row, lost two cases this 2011 illustrates ineffectiveness, lack of ability and to a point witch hunting conducts of the ACC.

Allieu’s rights to free trial, justice and fairness in the well of the court have been proved by no less a person, but a Judge whose time in the judiciary is 40 or more years; experienced, intelligent and sharper than the present Commissioner of ACC.

Pay the gentleman the coins he deserves- Allieu’s rights to reinstatement are obvious and must be done unrestraint.

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