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Allieu Sesay’s acquittal sets judicial kudos

Allieu Sesay’s acquittal sets judicial kudos

The recent court acquittal of Allieu Sesay and four others seemingly ushers hope that the Sierra Leone Judiciary is on the road to impartiality and justice for all. 

Yes, Allieu, his wife Fatmata Ojubara Sesay, and three others were ushered into the well of the High Court with 68 counts of charges of corruption. 

Reflection must be drawn to the fact that the Anti Corruption Commission (ACC) has never lost any cases in the wells of the courts (High Courts), but virtually lost to Allieu and four others this time round. 

A public assessment survey indicates that the ruling of Justice Eku Robert in the case between Allieu Vs the State (ACC) sends a signal that the judiciary of Sierra Leone is gradually marching into the stadium of equity. 

It is a fact that Sierra Leoneans almost do not believe that a Justice of the High Court of Sierra Leone will rightfully find not guilty persons charged by the Anti Corruption Commission. 

No disrespect for investigators and prosecutors of the ACC at all, but kudos to officials of the judiciary especially Justice Eku Robert, who, in his judgment equitably surrendered a just and human ruling in the favour of Allieu and others indicted by the ACC. 

Be it known that politicians have been found wanting of corrupt practices, dragged to the court, convicted and made to pay hundreds of millions as fines. 

And indications have it that the suspension of Allieu apparently created a big vacuum in the handling of issues relating to tax collection; at both the Customs and Income Tax departments respectively. 

In his measurement, an NRA worker who asked for his name not to be mentioned praised the High Court for bringing out a fair judgment on Allieu and four others, and respectfully urged Justices of Sierra Leone’s High and Appeal Courts to follow the principles of even-handedness, fairness and impartiality in the wells of the High Courts. 

“It was virtually taboo that persons charged by the ACC must not go free, but face conviction,” the source said. 

Even though officials of the ACC intend petitioning the decision of Justice Eku Robert, it is thought that the ACC may possibly be wasting its time appealing a case it has woefully lost.

The fact that ministers and prominent state officials have had their names on the list of persons convicted for corrupt practices; it is the expectation of the public that there should be persons acquitted and discharged for corruption offences by the courts – equity in the room of the court. 

Out of approximately 68 count charges slammed against Alieu, his wife and three others, the High Court never found any of the above wanting of at least one count. 

To these rest, reasons of the commoners (street traders, market women etc.,) is that it will be a waste of government resources having the ACC advance to the appellate court to contend the judgment of one of Sierra Leone’s respected Judges. 

Opinions of a good number of Sierra Leoneans support comment of the Information Minister, Ibrahim Ben Kargbo that Allieu was not sacked but suspended in anticipation of the court verdict. 

That if found guilty, he will be terminated, and if not, will unfailingly return to office. 

Citations must be drawn to the 1991 Constitution which gives rights to all including President Koroma downwards to hold public office.

The fact that the High Court of Sierra Leone has found Allieu not guilty as charged, means that he should be allowed to occupy his office as Commissioner General of the NRA. 

This press, on number of occasions, and in series, has exposed incompetencies of the acting Commissioner General, Madam Kallah Kamara, who on countless occurrences falls flat as she carries out her duties as holder of the office that provides biscuit for Sierra Leone. 

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  • This should teach the ACC to do its job properly, without bias and trying to take the easy way out. Instead of undertaking a complete investigations, the ACC offers immunity to actual suspects in exchange for testimony against those they see as bif fishes. This is selective justice.

    3rd July 2011
  • I have faith in the Sierra Leone judiciary. Allieu Sesay, a patroitic and dynamic young professional man, no nonsense, no compromise when it comes to his job, should be compensated for lost earnings and reinstated. Allieu, continue to serve your people, your country fearlessly. We need more people like him in the public sector to ”implement” the agenda for change.

    30th June 2011
  • My countrymen and women, nobody too close to the Presient will be found guilty by ACC or the courts. Edmund Koroma and the ACC acquittal has informed people that it will be risky punishing the Presidents sacred cows. Only a change of government will allow Sierra Leoneans to know the truth.

    30th June 2011

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