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January 2018

Minister of Information and Communication, Hon. Alhaji Dr. Alpha Kanu has called on all APC Diasporans affected by the recent symbol brouhaha  not to even think of surrendering their foreign passports. Dr. Kanu was addressing hundreds

The erudite Professor PLO Lumumba once said that “the problem with Africa is that, those with ideas have no power, and those with power have no ideas”. But it is also true that the illiterate

The chairman of the National Telecommunications Commission (NATCOM), Momoh Konte (in photo), who also doubles as the APC Koinadugu District Chairman, has on Friday 19th January, 2018 paid a reconciliatory visit to residents of Kanningo

Say what you may about outgoing President Ernest Bai Koroma (EBK) (in photo) and his style of governance; one thing I will not accept, is the notion that he does not play the long game

Evidence On Implications On Health Service Delivery BACKGROUND Sexual harassment continues to be a widespread social phenomenon prevalent almost in every employment and educational settings. Sexual harassment is an important and widespread public health problem particularly in

Some of us may not be attached or loyal to any particular political party, but suffice it to say that we can be noisy when we notice unjust practices meted out to compatriots. In a

Politically speaking, we have heard or seen a lot, a practical case in point being happenings within the SLPP (1&2-NGC). For the sake of clarity, we still will continue with that until elections are conducted

Donald Trump’s latest installment of crass statements has hit the airwaves for all the wrongs reasons for the past week, in his litany of “how not to be a president”. His latest buccal diarrhea has

Haja Isata Abdulai Kamara (in photo), Running Mate for the Alliance Democratic Party (ADP) has disclosed that an educational loan will be made available for all universities and colleges across the country, thereby broadening the

Laborers of the leading importer of rice, Commodity Trading Company (CTC) on Monday 15th January, 2018 staged a protest in front of the company’s biggest store at Dock Yard, Kissy demanding an increase on the

The Unity Party Stronger Together with the theme: “Time for Change “has in their just concluded convention to select National and District Executives, Councilors, Members of Parliament(MPs) , Chairpersons and Mayors endorsed Madam Femi Claudius-Cole

As political campaigns overwhelms the State of affairs in the country, the leader and Presidential Aspirant for the National Progressive Democrat Party (NPD), Patrick O’Dwyer (in photo) is currently on a nationwide sensitization spreading  his

Former Minister of Lands Country Planning and the Environment, Alhaji Musa Tarawally who is the standard bearer for the Citizens Democratic Party (CDP) has expressed readiness to contest and win the March 7th 2018 Presidential

Constituents in Constituency 032 formerly Constituency 031 in Bombali District have breathed a sigh of relief as their call over the years to change former Hon. Martin Bangura who has been replaced by a season

The former Honorable Members of Parliament, Alhassan Kamara in Constituency 113 and Francis Emmanuel Kowa and many other incumbents have been denied symbols and disqualified to go in to the next Parliament for possessing Dual