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Flood update – APC Attempted to Clear and Protect Mountain Tops

Flood update – APC Attempted to Clear and Protect Mountain Tops

& Other Dangerous Settlements but …

APC Government’s Proposed Action to Preserve Protected Areas… 3 Years Ago

“The Government of Sierra Leone through the National Protected Area Authority will be embarking on a demolition and clearing exercise of all buildings, structures, materials and any other structures or activities undertaken in or on any¬† of the above-mentioned Protected Areas inconsistent with the Authority’s statutory objective of protecting and conserving the said Protected Areas particularly within the Western Area Peninsular National Park including but not limited to designated and demarcated Protected Areas in Lumley/Kamayama, Goderich, Adonkia, Moku Hills, Angola Town, Ogoo Farm, Lakka, Hamilton, Mambo, Mile 13, Bango Farm, Sussex, Baw Baw, No. 2 River, Tokeh, Black Johnson, York, John Obey, Bureh Town, Kent, Bonga Wharf, Mammah Beach, Tombo, Waterloo, Hastings, Kossoh Town, Mount Sugar Loaf, Leicester Peak, the whole length of the Regent-Grafton-Jui Highway, the Sierra Leone River Estuary including the Aberdeen Creek and Lumley Swamps together with their respective wetlands, beach land, streams, lakes etc.”

Press Release by the Office of the Attorney General and the Office of the National Protected Area Authority dated 24th November 2014.”

The press release can be found on the link below for those who may want to crosscheck its authenticity.

The photos below show the house of Alpha Abuja Kanu whose house at the Guma Valley Water catchment area had been marked for demolition. The protected area around the Guma Valley dam has been completely devastated by squatters and land grabbers including the man who wants to be president of the country.

Alpha Abuja Kanu’s house could not be demolished as recommended by experts because of his political ties as a strong APC man.

The welfare of the people of Freetown and indeed that of generations yet unborn is being mortgaged for the sake of one man, Alpha Abuja Kanu.

Alpha Abuja Kanu’s house

Guma Valley Water catchment area

Area of mudslide August 2017

The whole water catchment system has been disrupted with devastating consequences that have left the people of Freetown with perennial water shortages. Does Alpha Abuja Kanu have any conscience to empathise with the people he wants to rule? He sleeps in this house with comfort and complete disregard for the people especially school children who struggle for water seven days ago!

This is Alpha Abuja Kanu for you. His supporters will soon come up with all excuses and explanations to justify this unpatriotic act. Some would even say, he’s not alone that has destroyed the water catchment area.

In effect, if the APC administration had firmly effected the demolitions in the aforementioned areas, the people of Regent and Mount Sugar Loaf would have been saved.

Sierra Leone is the only country where people don’t know that political power is meant to make a difference in the lives of the people. It is not meant to be entrusted to people who want to keep holding their people to ransom while keeping them in the same wretched conditions.

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