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UNITED SIERRA LEONE: A clarion from APC, SLPP and citizens home and abroad’

UNITED SIERRA LEONE: A clarion from APC, SLPP and citizens home and abroad’

(Freetown, January 2013), UNITED SIERRA LEONE, an all-inclusive and all-party civic initiative has called  on the APC, SLPP, other political parties and all Sierra Leoneans from home and abroad to  tackle the “old trickle-down, divisive ideology”  and to advance the cause of political freedom, free and fair elections and national cohesion.

At the United Sierra Leone public and media forum, held at the British Council Hall in Freetown, on the 22 January, 2013, the United Sierra Leone sets out ‘A United Nation’ plan and calls for a comprehensive strategy for national cohesion to help tackle the divisions of a multi-ethnic society.

Mr Messeh Leone, Founder of United Sierra Leone, said:  ‘‘I’ve set out a vision of what this country can be — United Nation. United Sierra Leone is about moving beyond artificial divisions in society to build a better Sierra Leone where everyone plays their part and everyone receives a fair share. United Sierra Leone is part of our efforts of healing the divisions of the past and establishing a society based on democratic values, social justice and fundamental human rights’’

Dr. Adonis Abboud, Goodwill Ambassador of United Sierra Leone, said: ‘’our sense of belonging must be nurtured so that we take pride in our National Identity first and foremost. Let us take pride for being a Sierra Leonean first before identifying ourselves by our tribes. Let us take pride for being a Sierra Leonean first before belonging to any political party. Let us all come under our unifying National Flag that will make us really proud and unite us for better for worse.  Sierra Leone is at the peak of broken ribs and we needs to do more to save the country from that to save our future generation’’

Miss Kadie-Yatta Kallon, East/ North Regional Representative of United Sierra Leone, said:  ‘’we shall stand up for peace and reconciliation. We shall stand up to end corruption and end poverty. We shall stand up for good governance. We shall defend the interests of Sierra Leone even against its leaders and we shall speak out at all times in defense of what is right’’

Mr. John Koroma, the All Peoples Congress (APC), said: We are concerned by the results of the recent elections which suggest a divided nation based on tribal and regional lines. We are also concerned that access to social services and political process may not be evenly shared among the country’s richly diverse population; hence we are all calling for change through the United Sierra Leone process’’

Hon. Musa Tamba Sam, the Sierra Leone Peoples Party (SLPP), said: ‘’ Sierra Leoneans are united except when it comes to politics. Beside politics, people go to the same schools, churches, mosques, markets etc. and during Christmas you don’t see Christians making noise with pot cover or Muslims doing likewise during pray days. But when it comes to politics you see such act evident and that is no sign of a United Sierra Leone’’

Mr Ibrahim Koyo Kamara, West/South Regional Representative of United Sierra Leone, Said:  ‘’The goal of our United Sierra Leone strategy is to “build a new way of living together as united nation, where we overcome division without asking people to lose their sense of themselves – a Sierra Leone where people of all backgrounds, all races, all ethnicities, all cultures, can practice their own religion, continue their own customs, but also come together to forge a new and better identity under the United Sierra Leone’.

Miss Massa Abdulai, Disabled amputee and North/South Regional Representative of the United Sierra Leone, said: ’United Sierra Leone works to end poverty, end corruption, promote peace and reconciliation; promote democracy, promote nationality, promote national flag, promote unity, promote human rights, , uphold rule of law, promote disabled and vulnerable groups, protect environment  to inspire individuals in our communities to become informed about national issues, and to support, transparency and accountability in our government and our people’’

Mr Sylvanus Smith, campaigner of United Sierra Leone, said: ‘’We have to work together to ensure that all Sierra Leoneans vote in the next election as informed, empowered and engaged citizens and to end the regional and tribal divisions, in order to bring about positive change in our country’’.

Mr Paul Sengeh, campaigner of United Sierra Leone, said: ‘’ Name is identification and as a result unity is what that develops Sierra Leone.I promise to confront ignorance with knowledge; prejudice with tolerance; and tribalism with the outstretched hand of generosity. Say NO to: tribalism, ignorance and violence’’.

Mrs Ramatu Bah, based in the Netherlands, and Diaspora Representative of United Sierra Leone, said:  I will celebrate the common humanity of people and our shared heritage as Sierra Leoneans. Recognise and protect the human rights of all people living in Sierra Leone, no matter their language or country of origin’’

Mr Tamba Mbayoh based in Australia, and Diaspora Representatives of United Sierra Leone, Said: United Sierra Leone is not a regional, tribal or sectional process (it is not an organisation). It is a national process symbolically embedded across Sierra Leone (South, North, East, and West). United Sierra Leone is a cross party, non-party membership process at the heart of the movement for UNITY, JUSTICE and FREEDOM in Sierra Leone’’.

Miss Nasai Forna,based in the United Kingdom, and Diaspora Representative of United Sierra Leone, Said:  ‘’The United Sierra Leone seeks to create a CLEAN Sierra Leone (Common, Love, Environment, Awareness, Nationalism). CLEAN from all corrupt practices, all political divides (tribalism, nepotism, regionalism, and patronage politics), CLEAN from all lawlessness, intimidation, and environmental degradation’’.

Mr Bamie Boye, based in the United States of America, and Diaspora Representative of United Sierra Leone, said: ‘’A United Sierra Leone is a country where regionalism tribalism does not exist. It’s a country where whether you are APC, SLPP or PMDC, we are all one. It’s a country where we let go the past and reconcile with everyone. It’s a country where impunity is not used to promote violence and horrible crimes’’

United Sierra Leone is an all-inclusive and all-party civic process, anchored by the Messeh Partnership Trust and supported by a number of institutions and individual from home and abroad and bring together old and young people from all parts of the country and abroad, from all tribes, from all races, from all works of life, from all backgrounds, from all faiths, from all regions, from all ethnicities, from all languages.

The United Sierra Leone is a clarion call from His Excellency President Ernest Bai Koroma and Brigadier (Ret.) Julius Maada Bio, other political leaders, and Sierra Leoneans from all work of life (home and abroad)

For more information please contact:

Amadu Lamrana Bah:
In Sierra Leone (077928343/ 025207030/078544770).
In Diaspora/UK (+44(0)7944510446).
Email: unslproject@gmail.com

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