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APC Dallas Chapter refute APCDCG Complaint

APC Dallas Chapter refute APCDCG Complaint

On behalf of the APC Dallas Chapter, as Assistant Secretary General of the Dallas Chapter, below is a letter that is aimed at giving a clear picture to an earlier article and letter published about the APC Dallas, Texas Chapter. Below is a copy of the insightful letter that will dispel all the untruths disseminated by our detractors:

Momodu Bangura
Executive Director
A.P.C. Diaspora Campaign Group
1466B Pine Log Road
Conyers, GA 30012

Dear Comrade Momodu,

Attached is a spreadsheet of Income and Expenditures of joint fundraising activities held on July 21st, 2012 between The Diaspora Campaign Group and The APC-Dallas Chapter.

As you are aware, putting together a financial report on fundraising activities can sometimes take longer than expected, especially when there are other equally pressing commitments on hand.  You experienced that when The Diaspora Campaign Group held a fundraising activity in Atlanta, Georgia and it took you more than three months to submit a partial financial report.

The attached financial report shows a loss of $300.00 which has been distributed between each group based on the percentage amount contributed toward total expenditures.

The Diaspora Campaign Group contributed $500, 16%, instead of $1,588.50 towards total expenditures of $3,177.00, even though it was agreed that each group will contribute 50% toward total expenditures.

We are aware and do understand that The Diaspora Campaign Group did not have available funds to contribute towards the joint fundraising activities because you closed The Diaspora Campaign Group’s bank account that had just about $1,900.00. You closed the bank account because members did not approve of you having your wife as signatory to the bank account and she is not a member of the Diaspora Campaign Group. Some of us understand the reason why you had your wife as signatory to the bank account because you cannot open one by yourself.  Further, you refused to release funds from the $1,900 that you should have on hand, failing to meet your end of the contract. This was very disappointing to the members of APC-Dallas Chapter.

We realized that you are unhappy because there was not a member of the Diaspora Campaign Group at the gate to collect entrance fee to the dance. We expected at least a member of the Diaspora Campaign who was not also members of the APC-Dallas Chapter to be at the gate. Unfortunately, only three of you attended the fundraising activities and as Executive Director of the Diaspora Campaign Group you attended the dance at 1:10 a.m. which was scheduled to start at 9:00 p.m. and did not start until 1:00 a.m. because we were waiting on you. This left some of the dignitaries who were at the dance at about 10:00 p.m. very disappointed with both groups.

In regards to my wife manning the gate, it is very customary with the APC-Dallas Chapter to select members who will be at the gate to collect entrance fee whenever we have fundraising dance. In this instance, my wife was chosen by the group, together with other members to be at the gate. We do so because of the level of trust and respect that we have for each other in the APC-Dallas Chapter. We do not strive to tear each other down regardless of any misunderstandings we may have among us. This is one of the reasons why the APC-Dallas Chapter has a lot of credibility among other chapters in North America. We will continue to strive to keep that credibility.

We are despondent to read from your Email “Termination of five Executives and two other members of the APC Diaspora Campaign Group (APCDCG) caught in the midst of embezzlement scandal”. In your email, you mentioned Cornelius Macarthy – Secretary General of APC-Dallas Chapter and Financial Director of APCDCG, Mrs. Juliana Daboh – Social Secretary of APC-Dallas Chapter and Marketing Director of APCDCG, Hawa Bowman, Deputy Social Secretary of APC-Dallas Chapter and Director of Recruitment and Personnel of APCDCG, Mr. Sheik Daboh, member of and an advisor to APC-Dallas Chapter and Deputy Director of Production of APCDCG, Pastor John Kanu, Deputy Secretary General of APC-Dallas Chapter and member of APCDCG, and Mr. Patrick Jackson, member of APC-Dallas Chapter and member of APCDCG as to have connived to embezzle the party’s funds and causing a great set back to derail the mission of APCDCG.

Let me assure you that the names mentioned above are very respectable people in the Dallas-Metroplex in Texas, USA, and would not tarnish their character by embezzling from any one, let alone from the APC party they love so dearly and are striving to keep in power in the next upcoming elections.

If you are not aware, some of the names mentioned above are business owners in Texas and would not embezzle funds from the party they love so dearly. They are Mr. Cornelius Macarthy, Mr. Sheik Daboh, Mrs. Juliana Daboh, and Mr. Patrick once Deputy Mayor of Rowlett in Texas. Mr. Jackson also donated $200.00 to the joint fundraising activities, and how can he embezzle from himself? Further, you also mentioned Pastor John Kanu and Hawa Bowman as embezzlers. Pastor Kanu is a co-pastor at a very renowned church and a banker in Dallas, and Hawa Bowman is a Secretary of, and is charged with, depositing church funds into a bank account of a mega church in Texas.

Finally, you stated that APC-Dallas Chapter needs a change of leadership before it is too late. The members of the APC-Dallas Chapter believe in me as their President and see no reason for change in leadership.

Please contact APC-Dallas Chapter executives if you have any questions about the attached financial report.


Mambu J. Koroma
APC – Dallas Chapter

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