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A Call for Female Participation in Sierra Leone Politics

A Call for Female Participation in Sierra Leone Politics

Women for Political Change (WCP) on Saturday September 1st called on all women to take the forefront alongside their male counterparts in the politics of the country.

The organization which is based in Bo, southern Sierra Leone, is formed purely on the motive of encouraging women to build confidence in their leadership characteristics for the betterment of the country. Deputy coordinator, Clementine Luther explained that the back-role stage played by many women in politics has been the reason for the downward trend in the political milieu of the country; she noted that women are subordinate to their male counterparts but not inferior, as women have proved that they can deliver quality statesmanship like the male folks.

She noted that women have contributed immensely in putting many nations at the forefront of development, citing neighboring country Liberia as a typical example where a woman has transcended the odds. The issue of doldrum and avoidance theory by many women in the issue of politics has not ushered in any good measures in the political cycle of the country.

Clementine pointed that she had seen little from women at the universities, especially when it comes to Student Union Politics, as the front-line has always carried the banner of male domination; she argued further that rend of practice has been the reason many have been referring  to the country as a failed state. “If there is any chance for this nation to succeed, women need to join hands with the men in nipping the problem in the bud.”

She maintained that now that President Ernest Koroma has issued a 30% quota of female participation into governance, they must board the train of development like many other women in the modern world towards nation building and put the country ahead in the chain of other developing nations.

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